Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Snooty Havering Fabians Are No Doubt Pleased With Our Suspension From Romford Labour Party

We political dinosaurs want justice for Havering 
The Havering Witness has been banned from the Romford Labour Party on a fake charge of "anti-semitism" - the snooty Havering Fabian Society are surely pleased at this. We have asked to speak at a Havering Fabian Society meeting for many years and have always been ignored because we are not in the "clique".

The clever-clever Havering Fabian Society want to shut us up just like their tory middle-class friends in Havering higher society, freemasons and police.  We have never received any help for our campaign in 40 years, we have only ever received abuse, intimidation and several attempts at criminal "frames" including the use of a Royal security operation. 

Older members were labelled "dinosaurs" by the Romford Labour Party chair at a party meeting for having the temerity to show disapproval of gay rights receiving such a high profile in the middle of the 2018 local council election campaigns.  The only significant press release sent to the Romford Recorder during the campaign reported a gay rights event outside Romford Town Hall - some  older "dinosaur" members were very irritated by this.

A few days after the council election, the founder of the Havering Witness,  a "dinosaur" member of Romford Labour Party concerned with justice and associated economic issues,  received a notice of suspension on a fake charge of "anti-semitism".  The real reason, as ever with the Havering Witness, was to help the local establishment keep us quiet.  

While the snooty Romford Labour and Fabian clique are dismissing old white working-class  "dinosaurs" with fake "anti-semitism" charges for political convenience, Labour's muslim Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and Labour's muslim Shadow Equalities Minister Naz Shah, are given full support by the party's elites without question.

As ever in this country it is who you know that counts. The hypocrisy of the snooty oxbridge and catholic elites who run British politics never cease to amaze us.

Andrew Rosindell MP as Mayor of London in 2020 is our best chance of Havering corruption and Rememberance Sunday political conduct receiving political scrutiny

Our suspension from Romford Labour Party is beyond our understanding

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