Friday, 13 July 2018

Is Sadiq Khan's Mayoralty Inherently Anti-Semitic ?

Is Sadiq Khan's vote inherently leaning to anti-semitism ?
Our regular readers will know that we were suspended from Romford Labour Party on a false charge of anti-semitism - we say that other issues were behind the attack on our justice and public safety campaign. .

The real issue, we say, is to do with the poor leadership of Romford Labour Party and the constant suppression of our campaign.

Anti-Semitism was used by the Labour Party and their posh friends to settle other grudges against us.

We are NOT anti-semites - it is a deliberate lie to smear us as such and it is a lie welcomed by the corrupt Havering establishment we have been campaigning against for over 40 years. While the Labour Party thinks it okay to smear us with any convenient insult they like, they selected a practising muslim, Sadiq Khan, as Mayor of London. London was once the Christian capital of the Empire and later Commonwealth.

"Few Muslim leaders in London stand out against anti-Semitism, and many ignore it or even express it themselves. If they can make Muslim voters feel that the Jews, by protesting, are preventing a Muslim becoming Mayor of London, then Mr Khan will get more Muslim votes. " Charles Moore, Editor of The Telegraph (see link below)

Rosindell for London Mayor in 2020 !
Would Sadiq Khan be Mayor of London without the London muslim and wider anti-Israel vote ? Aren't many London muslims fervently anti-Israel ? Surely Andrew Rosindell MP would be the safer option for Mayor of London - once the christian capital of empire and now commonwealth.

Andrew Neil questions Mayor Sadiq Khan About Trump Blimp

President Trump says Labour's Mayor of London Sadiq Khan is "doing a terrible job on terrorism"

More than a Million muslims in London - Charles Moore, Telegraph

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