Friday, 29 June 2018

To Andrew Rosindell MP - Is there nothing wrong in Romford at all ?

Andrew Rosindell MP has once again been in the news this week following yet another spate of violent crime in our once peaceful home town of Romford.  Mr Rosindell likes to give the impression that the increase in violent crime in Romford is being exaggerated and that we don't understand what is really going on - but locals know the truth  - violent crime HAS increased since Andrew Rosindell MP was first elected seventeen years ago. The people of Romford are NOT mugs  Mr Rosindell - they don't want your patronising remarks, they want action.

Locals want a different kind of MP (Romford Recorder)
Many locals in Romford, Conservative and Labour voters alike, want a different kind of Romford MP. They want an MP that puts Romford and crime-fighting first NOT an MP like Rosindell who is seen as more interested in building a career in Foreign Affairs, mixing with Royal society and serving the wealthier parts of Romford only. 

Journalist Simon Heffer called Mr Rosindell "the king of subsidised jaunts" due to his extensive travelling around the Commonwealth - isn't the Queen and the rest of the Royal Family paid to do this already ? Why is Mr Rosindell doing it as well ?

What Mr Rosindell should be doing is 
  1. Giving a full statement to the Metropolitan Police concerning his alleged knowledge and involvement of corruption and orchestrated criminality in Havering politics. Mr Rosindell should give any evidence he has on criminal incidents in relation to former Chase Cross Comprehesive School, former Romford FC Football Stadium (Brooklands), Havering College of HFE, and the "cherry-picked" selling of public land and buildings in the 1980s.  
  2. Having given a full statement to the police enabling an investigation Mr Rosindell should then give his evidence in court under CROWN oath in the subsequent trial.
  3. Having completed his "Whistleblower" public duty Mr Rosindell should then resign as an MP in accordance with many voters wishes for a different kind of MP - whether the new MP be Tory OR Labour in the by-election.  

 Is Andrew Rosindell MP "getting above his station in life" ?

Andrew Rosindell MP's "busy weekend" of TV interviews

Andrew Rosindell MP - Leading advocate of everybody else joining the uniformed services

Andrew Rosindell MP claims there "aren't divides" in Romford

The People On Rosindell - Many People in Romford, Tories AND Labour voters alike, want a different kind of Romford MP 

The "Pestering" of vulnerable people in Havering

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