Friday, 11 May 2018

We Support Compensation For British Victims Of Libyan-Sponsored IRA Terrorism

 Gadaffi's Libya Supplied The IRA 
The Havering Witness welcomes moves to compensate the victms of Libyan-sponsored IRA terrorism. Everyday our TV screens are full of so-called "worthy causes" but never have we seen the victims of Libyan-sponsored IRA terrorism receive the media attention that many other groups routinely get. 

The victims of Libyan-backed IRA terrorism, especially the working-class victims, have been ignored by our media and have suffered indescribable levels of anguish over many many years.  In contrast the general quality of life issues of the 1950s/60s Tory-invited immigrant communities of Asia and the Caribbean are seldom off our TV screens.  Something is wrong somewhere and it is quite deliberately wrong.

As an interested group we thank those MPs of all parties who contributed to the debate and for their efforts generally to secure compensation for the victims. However we have to ask whether it is appropriate for Romford MP Andrew Rosindell to be amongst them in such a sensitive justice case. 

Andrew Rosindell MP - A Key Witness To Corruption in Havering
We believe that Andrew Rosindell MP is a key witness to corruption within the London Borough of Havering and should make a full statement to the police and parliament giving his full knowledge of the Havering College orchestrated crime scandal, the closure of Romford's football ground "Brooklands" and the full story of the closure of Romford's Ind Coope Brewery, our borough's only major industry.

The victims of Libyan-sponsored IRA terrorism deserve the best team competing on their behalf, we do not regard Andrew Rosindell MP as an appropriate member of that team until he fully assists with a full investigation into corruption allegations in our home borough of Havering.

Our borough deserves better than this, if it were possible we would ask the Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell himself to send a detachment of a reformed New Model Army to secure the courts to prosecute the crown. 

Parliamentary Debate On The British Victims Of Libyan-Sponsored IRA Terrorism (Hansard)

Belfast Telegraph - Calls To Compensate Victims With Libyan Assets

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