Friday, 13 April 2018

Violent Crime In Romford Since Election Of Andrew Rosindell MP

Violent crime in Romford causing deep worry
The people of Romford are increasingly concerned about violent crime in their home town.  Many locals say "We never used to have violent crime like we have today" 

"Violent crime in Romford has increased since the election of Andrew Rosindell MP seventeen years ago" said one local pensioner speaking for "all her friends".

"All my friends are talking about it and they don't trust Rosindell - his right-wing politics is too close to some of these thugs."  said another pensioner.

"I wish we had a different kind of MP - one who is more concerned with Romford and not travelling around the Commonwealth."

Romford is more violent since Andrew Rosindell MP was first elected say locals

Why has Romford changed for the worse since Andrew Rosindell became our MP ?

Many people don't think that Mr Rosindell is the good community safety MP he often claims to be. For many years Mr Rosindell has projected a political image of a crime fighter concerned with public safety but the reality of life in Romford over the past seventeen years tells a very different story.

The locals say that their home town was never as violent as it is today.  Parents, teachers, pensioners and other vulnerable groups are all very worried at the violent changes in daily Romford life.
People are worried by a "background culture of extremism"

The worry comes at a time when American students are protesting against gun violence targetted at education.  Mass shootings in American schools and colleges have heightened global debate about gun laws.

Is Andrew Rosindell MP concerned about violent crime in lower income areas ?

Andrew Rosindell MP is in favour of wider gun ownership and relaxing the Dangerous Dogs Act.  Romford needs a different kind of MP to reassure many local families about the disturbing rise in violent crime, criminals preying on vulnerable pensioners and the gang mentality underlying general anti-social behaviour.

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