Saturday, 21 April 2018

Andrew Rosindell MP claims that there "aren't divides" in Romford

Royalist Andrew Rosindell MP has again demonstrated that his judgement continues to be a justified cause of concern for many Romford voters.  Mr Rosindell has often pushed Romford as a place where people are happy with the Royal family and happy with his time as an MP.  Many Romford voters are very angry with Mr Rosindell at the inaccurate "Royalist" image of Romford being presented to the world.  NOT all Romford people are happy with Mr Rosindell or with the Royal Family he so heavily uses in his local and national politics.

Many Romford voters DO NOT want to keep paying for the Royal Family and their estates, parties, holidays, weddings, hobbies, food, yachts, cars, clothes, private health care, private education, household staff and many many more items on the Royal bill given to the hard-pressed taxpayer.  

Mr Rosindell attended a political engagement event at the Havering Islamic Centre on Saturday 7th April and made several comments to the Romford Recorder newspaper about life in our home town.

Violent crime has increased in Romford (recorder)
Mr Rosindell said "I've been working with the (Islamic) centre for 20 years now and I think that events like Saturday's are what makes Havering such a united, happy community. We are so lucky to live in a borough where there AREN'T DIVIDES based on class, religion or ethnicity."

We are deeply disturbed that our MP, Andrew Rosindell, should imply, on his constituents behalf, that Romford is a special royalist fairy-tale place where all the divides and worries that effect the rest of the UK simply do not occur here. Many people in Romford are sick and tired of Mr Rosindell's condescending manner and patronising comments.

Romford Recorder reports on comments made on our town's behalf by Andrew Rosindell MP

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Many Romford voters think that violent crime in their home town has increased 

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