Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Tories Offend Billions With "God's Own County"

Are Church Tories really "decent people" ?
"God's Own County" - An  phrase that has insulted billions of religious people across the globe. 

Many people around the world are in desperate circumstances due to war, the breakdown of law and order or climate change. 

It is yet another reminder of the offensive arrogance of the Conservative Party and how that fact contributes to the conduct of justice generally. 

Tories all over the UK are acutely aware of how difficult it is for ordinary people to get basic access to the courts let alone win their cases ! 
Are "religious" tories really the "decent" people they claim to be ?

We have witnessed local tories in Havering laughing and rubbing their hands with glee at the prospect of "plenty of defenseless mugs" struggling to get access to the law.  The tory supporters who say such things mix with tories who attend church with no apparent conflict. 
The Conservative Party have insulted billions of rellgious people across the globe.   

What aspect of Conservative Party arrogance were we exposed to this time ? This time it was a Yorkshire conservative who repeated a phrase about God that has caused deep offence here in the UK and across the globe for decades.  He said that God regarded Yorkshire as above all other places on this earth including ALL the Holy places with one phrase
"Yorkshire is God's Own County". 

Princess Anne also Past Master of  The Worshipful Woolmen
 Yorkshire conservatives who repeat this phrase have not been subject to central Conservative Party discipline. God has put Yorkshire above all else ?  Is it possible to be more insulting ? This latest insult adds to that of another Yorkshire conservative who failed to exert her civic responsibility by NOT publicy condemning the use of armed extremism in the parliamentary constituency of Batley and Spen she used to represent 

"Yorkshire Lass" Elizabeth Peacock did not condemn the murder of an MP

Elizabeth Peacock is the former Conservative MP for Batley and Spen,  and has followed Princess Anne in being a past master of the Worshipful Company of Woolman was also a prominent anti-abortion campaigner.  Despite her anti-abortion "sanctity of human life" image Elizabeth Peacock did NOT publicly condemn the murder of Jo Cox MP, a mother of two young children, who also represented the people of Batley and Spen.  

Brave Jo Cox MP - murdered in Batley and Spen
Elizabeth Peacock should declare herself to be in favour of parliamentary democracy or in favour of armed attacks on democratically elected MPs - which is it to be ?

We think that it is the civic and in this case, apparently christian, duty of a former MP of the same constituency to make it clear that parliamentary democracy must not be undermined by armed extremism of any kind.

The protection of parliamentary democracy is of such fundamental importance in the laws of this country that Elizabeth Peacock's failure to condemn the murder of an MP should not be ignored by the police or the public. 
Conservative Party behaviour has caused deep offence around the world    

The deep offence caused by the behaviour described above will be conveyed to religious authorities around the world over the years ahead.  The judgement of unified global religious authority may be very very difficult and very slow to materialise but we are confident that the public statement  "Yorkshire is God's own county" is so deeply offensive to billions of religious people that agreement on action is inevitable.  

Many of those people are also disgusted by the murder of Jo Cox MP and the subsequent behaviour of Tory "Christians".  

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