Monday, 26 March 2018

Outstanding Moral Leadership From American Students - The March For Our Lives Campaign

The Havering Witness would like to add to the many tributes around the world to the outstanding moral leadership shown by American students in response to yet another mass murder carried out in a place of education.

Outstanding Moral Leadership of American Students

March For Our Lives is an inspirational campaign of moral integrity that has stirred people all over the world. 
Support The #MarchForOurLives Campaign

We thank American students for their moral leadership and they should be assured that they have support here in the UK.

March For Lives Has Support All Over The World

The Havering Witness is a local justice and public safety campaign based in the London Borough of Havering which has been active for over 40 years.

We campaign for a full police investigation into the orchestrated crime scandal at Havering College of Further Education which included the sale and test-firing of an ex-military machine gun on college grounds. 
The local police ignored the reports of machine gun fire and ignored the reports of many other criminal and anti-social incidents at the college throughout the coordinated attempt to close the college by engineering scandal. We demand that the criminal investigation is carried out by officers from another regional police force due to the allegations of collusion with the criminals involved and general allegations of politicised corruption within the Metropolitan Police Service over many years.

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