Saturday, 24 March 2018

How Do ARMED Right-Wing Extremists In Havering Get Their Guns ?

Police couldn't care less about ordinary people
The politicised police in the London Borough of Havering have long protected the criminal elite behind the orchestrated crime scandals at Havering College of Further Education and Romford's old football stadium "Brooklands". 

Havering's Extremists Protected

Throughout the many years of police protection of the criminals in Havering the police have COST US TRILLIONS IN TAX for their pay, pensions and other benefits for their so-called "public service".  (You may not be aware but we also pay for university degrees and private education for police and their families while the rest of the nation is struggling.)

Labour Families Need To Protect Themselves

Ordinary supporters of the Labour Party and Trade Unions need to protect themselves against the Royal Conservative Militia which continues to call itself a "police service" and a "political party".

The Havering Witness asks people to send any information they have on right-wing armed risks to the Labour Party and Trade Unions. Let Labour and Trade Union professionals asses the real risks for ordinary people.


We have listed factors of interest below which may assist you in the risk assessment that Labour people now need to make for their families safety. The ARMED RIGHT obtain their weapons from the following general paths:

  • WAR TOURISM - first came to public attention in the Balkans conflict and continues today all over the world
  • RIGHT-WING CRIMINAL GANGS - Armed right make criminal gang contacts.
  • "HOLIDAYS" - routine vists to USA and other countries with weak gun laws
  • RELATIVES / CONTACTS - guns shipped into UK from right-wing extremists abroad.
  • EX-MILITARY / MERCENARY - stolen and captured weapons.
  • OVERSEAS CONTRACT WORKERS - Oil, mining, chemical and other foreign industries.
  • HUNTING NETWORK - background trade in weapons and ammunition
  • POLITICAL GROUPS - far-right nationalist groups throughout USA, Europe, South America, Africa, Australia and Indo-China.
  • HOME MANUFACTURE / CONVERSIONS - guns made or converted in workshops locally
  • AMMUNITION MAKING - very basic "pipe" guns enabled by bullet-making
  • DISTRIBUTION NETWORKS - boats, yachts, light aircraft, containers
  • BUSINESS COVER - "Legitimate" businesses used to smuggle guns
  • FOREIGN / LANGUAGE SKILLS - much of armed right activity in Havering requires foreign assistance.
  • CASH PURCHASES - Armed right need money for substantial cash purchases of several thousands pounds at a time.  Funded by crime or local business ?
Please send any information you have on the above to the Labour Party or Trade Unions - you cannot trust the police, they are in regular social contact with the criminals themselves.

Romford MP in favour of wider gun ownership

Labour and Trade Union supporters entitled to protect themselves

Rural Church of the Royal Brexit

Republic of Havering - A Battle Song

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