Friday, 16 March 2018

American Students In National Walkout Campaign Against Gun Laws

A Big Thank You To US Students For Your Moral Leadership

The Havering Witness is great fan of strong moral leadership.  We are inspired by US students in their national protest against the blocking of gun law reform by the NRA (National Rifle Association) and the politicians it has in its pocket. 

Millions of young americans walked out of their classes to show their support for the families of the victims of seemingly endless shootings in US schools and colleges.
Why are schools and colleges targetted ? What are the deeper motives ? 

The loss of so many promising lives cut short because of the availability of assault weapons is a global political disgrace - every country on this Earth is affected by the attitudes of US society.  

After every one of those sickening school and college shootings NRA supporters have opposed and obstructed changes to gun law.  Supporters of Andrew Rosindell MP, here in Romford, want to own guns and back the NRA from across the Atlantic. They think it is a laugh - it isn't. 
Supporters of Romford MP Andrew Rosindell want to own more guns

Andrew Rosindell MP (right) - in favour of more guns
Romford MP Andrew Rosindell is on record as supporting wider gun ownership and relaxing the current laws on dangerous dogs despite many cases of young children being killed or injured for life. 

Some people here in Romford think that the murder of Jo Cox MP was funny - they also think that we will forget that they did - they are very wrong. The Havering Witness has been campaigning on local justice and public safety issues for over forty years - the next forty will be easier than the first !

US Students In National Walkout Campaign

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