Saturday, 3 February 2018

Tory Council Bans New Spending - First Section 114 Notice For 20 years !


Tory-controlled Northamptonshire County Council has imposed emergency spending controls and will be subject to inspection by central government. The section 114 notice bans all new expenditure at Northamptonshire County Council, with the exception of statutory services for protecting vulnerable people. Last month the government said an inspector would look into allegations of financial failings at the authority. It is believed to be the first such notice issued in more than 20 years.

Central Government IS capable of inspecting councils then ?

The Havering Witness has been lobbying for an investigation into London Borough of Havering Council for over 40 years.  Allegations included criminal orchestration to force closures including firearms, youth offenders, drugs and abuse of police powers to find "sleaze". 

Why can't central government investigate more serious issues at Havering council ?

Andrew Rosindell MP - Inaction on allegations
Issues we would like to be investigated include the Havering College scandal, Romford Football ground, the sale of council houses and flats, council contracts, councillor incomes and consultancy, "cherry-picking" government-owned buildings and land, and criminal collusion with police officers abusing their powers.    

Romford's MP Andrew Rosindell is a former Havering councillor and was also a student himself at the college around the time of the criminal orchestration allegations.

Mr Rosindell has never made any public comment on the allegations and has never taken any steps to have the matter fully and impartially investigated by another police force.

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Havering College criminal orchestration scandal

Havering Council's UBS-controlled Pension Fund loses £10 million !

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