Friday, 16 February 2018

A Florida Mass-Shooting Could Have Happened In Havering

The 17 American lives taken by twisted lies backed with guns
Yet another far-right white supremacist has taken innocent American lives in an act of extreme violence driven by a twisted and perverted mentality promoted as a "political philosophy" by far-right group leaders. Racial diversity is a consequence of the world's natural variations in the living environment, it is not a political choice but a natural consequence. When will the far-right simply acknowledge this scientific fact ? When will they acknowledge that the white far-right do not represent a higher intelligence but merely a convenient separation from others for their own benefit.

A twisted mentality packed full of lies and backed by the availability of an assault weapon resulted in the death of 17 innocent American citizens preparing themselves for their lives ahead.  The availability of guns is the political issue gaining most attention but what of the twisted lies ?

Surely we have had the advantage of science for many centuries and racial diversity can be fully explained by science - why should we tolerate the deliberate promotion of racially-motivated lies that have a clear intent to cause harm ?  When it is possible to prove that something is a deliberate lie told with intent to cause harm then surely there are grounds to stop the organisation promoting them.  The membership of far-right groups are NOT proven to be highly intelligent or superior to anyone !

Romford's Andrew Rosindell MP 
Here in Havering we too have an establishment elite that is above the law. They put firearms and youth offenders into a local college in a criminal attempt to "fix" the closure of the college due to its proximity to a wealthy area.  They then sent police officers to warn off the witnesses and friends of those deliberately exposed to danger. Despite the seriousness of the criminal orchestration involved no arrests have ever been made and the perpetrators simply sit back and laugh at our attempts to get justice.

The actions of the Havering Conservative elite could easily have resulted in the multiple deaths that have so tragically occurred in Florida.
The murder of Jo Cox MP has been met with similar indifference by those with right wing   sympathies here in Havering. 

Some locals, politically hostile to him, say that the Romford MP Andrew Rosindell was among a group of anti-EU politicians who once thought that terrorism was justified in the pursuit of Brexit. There are ongoing investigations into the manipulation of far-right terrorist groups throughout the EU and into the political activity in support of them.  Full anti-terrorism powers were not used in the investigation of the murder of Jo Cox MPElizabeth Peacock, the former Conservative MP for Batley & Spen, did not publicly condemn the murder of a fellow Batley & Spen MP as we might reasonably expect out of a sense of civic responsibility.

Terrorism ? Well when something looks like it, acts like it, talks like it and plans for it then yes it should be regarded as terrorism and full anti-terrorist powers used.  Brexit means that far-right terrorism within the EU supported from the UK is now an international security issue with a military response now possible.

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