Friday, 23 February 2018

Labour People Are Entitled To Protect Themselves.

The murder of Labour MP Jo Cox and the hooded-gang attack on Labour MP Adrian Bailey along with tens of thousands of other crimes and death threats directed at Labour people all point to one conclusion - the supporters of the Labour Party, Trade Unions and other organisations of the left MUST now take steps to protect their families.
Jo Cox MP murdered - far-right in Havering found it funny
Labour People Are Entitled To Defend Their Families

British politicians of the right such as Norman Tebbitt and Nigel Farage are on record as having links with the National Rifle Association (NRA)  in America via the Republican Party.  The NRA oppose any changes to gun laws even after the recent mass-shooting at a college in Florida. 

Norman Tebbitt has links with the Romford Conservatives and has been politically associated with the Brighton Bomb for years  - we no longer have any sympathy for you or your wife Lord Tebbitt ! The Brighton Bomb gravy train has been cancelled just like so many privatised train services throughout the UK. The Conservative Party and their wider support network will be held responsible for their actions in the destruction of so many British working lives and the clear threats to their families. The Romford Conservatives even enjoy insulting Labour war dead on the one sunday set aside to remember them.  Yes indeed Mr Rosindell your gravy train is cancelled.

Social media is full of death threats directed at Labour people and those who support remaining in the EU.  Tens of thousands of messages supporting the murder of Jo Cox MP and all other Labour people can be found. People die in police custody and the killer cops walk free - its time for action.

Labour People Continue To Receive Death Threats From Armed Groups such as the Countryside Alliance and Far-Right "Townie" Groups

Jo Cox MP, a bright light in the darkness, is dead. Former tory Batley & Spen MP Elizabeth Peacock did not publicly condemn the murder of Jo Cox MP. The murder of an MP of the same constituency should have been met with a very clear condemnation of those who seek to undermine the will of parliament.

Police Just Sat Back And Laughed At Havering College Scandal

Irish Conservative family owned machine gun that was sold at Havering college
In the early 1980s an irish family with a weapons stash including machine guns, explosives and poisons JOINED the Romford Conservative Party - the Havering college machine gun scandal soon followed. The police sat back and laughed at attempts to get justice and continue to do so today.

Right-Wing Politicians Fail To End Their Links With Pro-Guns Lobby 

Weapons found in Havering
Nigel Farage and Norman Tebbitt have both previously declared their public association with the Amercian National Rifle Association via the Republican Party. They have made no public declaration ending their publicy recorded support for the Republican NRA despite the recent mass murder of college students in Florida.
Stuff Quillam Up Your Jacksy - Action Is Needed

Labour supporters have no option but to protect their families against a very clear armed threat. It is clear that those making the armed death threats have the protection of Havering Police and their fellow freemasons of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Essex.

Another weapons stash "suddenly found" near Romford - Romford Recorder

Irish family with weapons stash joined Romford Conservative Party - college scandal soon followed

Death cops walk free to their fat pensions paid for with OUR money !

Murder of Labour MP Jo Cox MP - former Batley & Spen MP Elizabeth Peacock should have publicly condemned the murder of Jo Cox MP

Romford Conservatives insult Labour Party war dead

Florida college mass-shooting could have happened in Havering

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