Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Ireland Abortion Referendum - A Greater Sense Of History Please !

The selective "morality" of former MP Elizabeth Peacock
The Irish premier has announced a historic national referendum on  Ireland's abortion laws.  Ireland's link with the Roman Catholic church is surely one of the Irish national characteristics that stays in people's minds.  Surely this event should be of great interest in political debate but like the failure of former Conservative Batley & Spen MP Elizabeth Peacock to condemn the murder of Jo Cox MP, the issue has been strangely quiet.

We are only amateur historians here at the Havering Witness but even we can see the historic significance of Ireland voting for pro-choice abortion laws.  If a traditionally religious country like Ireland can back pro-choice abortion laws then there seems no bound on progress on the abortion issue across Europe and the wider world.  It IS highly significant.

The former Conservative MP for Batley and Spen is Elizabeth Peacock. Elizabeth Peacock is a noted anti-abortion campaigner who supports SPUC ("Society for the Protection of Unborn Children"). Despite her claims to having a great sense of morality and decency on issues such as abortion Elizabeth Peacock remains silent on the issue of a democratically-elected MP, Jo Cox, being murdered for representing the same constituency.  

Announcement of historic Irish referendum on abortion

Elizabeth Peacock, former MP for Batley and Spen, still  quiet on the murder of Jo Cox MP and on the announcement of Irish abortion referendum


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