Friday, 9 February 2018

British Establishment Publicly Insults British History Of Civil Rights

Freemasons insult British history by mis-using civil rights (wiki)
Once again part of the priviledged British Establishment are playing their disgusting game of using hard-won civil rights against the very people who dedicated their lives fighting for the establishment of those rights in the first place. They insult British history by doing so.

Hard-won human, equality and citizenship rights were designed to protect ordinary people against the abuse of power by the British elites, British elites such as the Freemasons.  There is still a long long way to go on civil rights, as the recent women's equality issues at the BBC have indicated, but the fat cat Freemason  feels it is okay for them to use civil rights despite their secret involvement in the blocking of those rights for centuries.

It is a characteristic of the conceited over-rated British establishment to "turn the tables" on the social progress they bent over backwards to block. For example, the Conservative Party and their fat cat legal and business friends in the Freemasons tried to block the Minimum Wage at each and every stage of its progress to law. Now the minimum wage is part of their everyday language but with  new twists such as regional pay.

We at the Havering Witness have experienced this "turn the tables" Conservative and Freemason culture many times where sexism is used against women, racism is used against minorities, greed is used against those seeking fair pay, animal cruelty is used against anti-hunt campaigners, tax and productivity is used against the unemployed, public health and safety is used against the homeless, health is used against the environmentalist - every time they think it is funny and without consequence and every time they are wrong.

Freemasonry explained -why does it need to be secret ? Guardian report

Church of England "concerned" about Freemasons - Guardian reports

Fat Cat Freemasons try to use hard-won civil rights

Rough sleeping is "illegal" - METRO reports

Quotes From “The Brotherhood” by Stephen Knight ,  ISBN 0-586-05983-0

“The Explosive Expose’ Of The Secret World Of The Freemasons”. 
Chapter 6 - Police
“ I have spoken to nearly seventy former and currently serving officers of the City of London force .. by the late 1960s it was very hard for non-Masons to obtain promotion above Superintendent in the uniformed branch or above Sergeant in the CID”. P58

Chapter 18 - Law
“A former High Court judge who had been a member of the Brotherhood for more than fifty years told me, ‘ ..I knew which judges were and which judges weren’t Freemasons in my time.’  ..I’m not at liberty to give you their names you understand ..” p 157
“..perhaps on 20 or 30 occasions [in court] I have seen a man indicate by a movement or form of words that he is a Freemason..Most judges who are also Freemasons say that it doesn’t happen..’so some Freemasons who appear in court do try to use their membership to help them ? I’ve said so ..’
..there are certain words, certain phrases, certain motions.” P158/9

Chapter 20 – Barristers and Judges
“Where Freemasonry does play a big part – and this is why so many judges are Masons – is in the process by which appointments to the Bench are made.. p167

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