Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Are The Tories Blocking Your Child's Potential ?

 Your Child's  Talents ARE Important  !

One thing that NASTY TORY BREXIT has brought back into sharp focus is the enthusiasm that the Conservative Party have for blocking the abilities of ordinary people.  The tories have, for centuries, been engaged in a determined effort to protect their families and institutions at the cost of all else.
The tories aren't interested in your future they are only interested in their own

Tory toffs laugh at confusion in our school system
The traditional "red-brick" schools for working-class families are continually being divided by specialisms and different models of funding which are designed to confuse the picture for parents and employers alike.  They are so many different types of school that people have lost track of fundamental measures of ability - this was the intention.
Posh schools sit back and laugh at the confusion in our education system

While all this is going on the posh public and grammar schools continue with their traditions and sit back and laugh at all the confusion and encourage more with the ongoing undermining of working-class ability. The talents of your children are being deliberately sidelined.
Any school should put the mental-physical-spiriual balance of its pupils first

Is your child's potential ignored by tory policies ? 
One measure of a school that can be used by anybody is - Does the school carefully design its timetable for the healthy mind, body and spiritual balance of the pupil ? 
For example, posh schools often do not have the exercise book subject classes after lunch break, they only have activites, sports and crafts in the afternoons.  All of their serious academic classes are done in the mornings.

Why do posh schools avoid academic lessons in the afternoon ?
Its because they know that a child cannot healthily read and write all day long - even adults can't do that ! Why put a child through it !
Working-class children are being deliberately unbalanced  

Mental and physical energy must be balanced for a healthy well-motivated child. But in our schools with our curriculum and our timetables the child is not given a healthy balance. The individual motivation of our children and the whole-school behaviour standard suffer greatly as a result. It is a downward spiral designed by the tories to suppress the abilities of your children.
The Conservative Party obstruct the abilities of our people

Only the Labour Party will take our concerns seriously and look at ways to improve the mental-physical-spiritual balance of schools for the benefits of the many and not the few.   Please vote Labour and give Jeremy Corbyn and his team the opportunity they WANT to deal with the unfairness of life in our country.
We hope that the talents in your family can escape the nastiness of the Conservative Party and that those talents find an opportunity in a re-born country of true merit led by Labour Party for the many and not the few.

British children in poverty while tories plan new royal yachts

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