Friday, 5 January 2018

Tory BREXIT Farmers To Keep Snouts In Trough

TORY BREXIT PIGS stuffing themselves at our expense ?  (pinterest)
Tory BREXIT-supporting farmers will continue to receive £3.1 BILLION A YEAR in payments from public funds despite the strain that public services are continually being subjected too.

The NHS is again reported to be under great strain and spending is tight across the whole range of government - but not for the special tory farmer.

Tory farmers can deny opportunity to young people through TORY BREXIT but still get the same payments as if staying in the EU.

The City of London will make no comment on the £3.1 BILLION of tax-funded payments that thier tory friends will receive BUT will continue to press for public spending cuts across ALL OTHER government departments. 

They will tell the public to "tighten their belts" and boast of the resulting "low tax economy" to their wealthy clients - the ordinary British man and woman will pay in savings, jobs, loss of entitlement to benefit support, the loss of public services and the unaffordability of public infrastructure.

You can be sure that Andrew Rosindell MP said nothing about any of that when he was campaigning for BREXIT.  Tory Pigs will just keep stuffing themselves, BREXIT or NO BREXIT, at our expense until WE decide to do something about it.

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