Friday, 19 January 2018

The Truth of OUR NHS Told In Labour Party Broadcast

The Labour Party has shown us the reality of distressed NHS staff trying to deal with the work overload they are faced with every day.  Tories like Romford's Andrew Rosindell MP want to see public spending massively reduced so that Tory fat cats in the city and their clients can get even richer and richer. 

The TORY BREXIT strategy has the low tax financial services vision for the FEW at the centre of its policy - the MANY ordinary people will pay in the loss of public service provision.

We believe that the tories want to replace OUR NHS with private health care so that they can deliver low taxes for their fat pig friends in big business.  Ordinary people will then be left with yet more money to find to pay for private health care on top of the intolerable pressures on household budgets that already exist.

Tory Fat Cats Want To Wreck The NHS (express image)
Our NHS is constantly dealing with additional work load caused by the unregulated and irresponsible conduct of big business aggressively promoting unhealthy food and drink products. 

The high levels of sugar, salt, chemicals and saturated fats in our food supply is causing an UNNECESSARY additional burden on our NHS. 

The PROBLEM  should be solved AT SOURCE with more aggressive trade regulation based on health and environmental grounds and NOT wait for the NHS to pick up the workload and tax bill !

The only way to run OUR COUNTRY responsibly is to VOTE LABOUR at every election local and national until the tory privatisation fat pigs have their snouts removed from THE PEOPLE's  GOVERNMENT that the veterans of two world wars so desperately wanted to see.  The NHS should be run as a health service not a coping service dealing with the consequences of the unregulated food and drink business lobbying the tories for the anti-public service policies they want.

Huffington Post reports (contains the Labour Party broadcast video)

Royalist Tories want to spend OUR MONEY on a NEW ROYAL YACHT !

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