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Protestant Royalty - The "Orange Crush" Of Havering

We ordinary English mortals are often puzzled by the relationship between monarchy and religion.  We had hoped that the life's work of the Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell had sorted this issue out.  However our confusion remains substantial with Catholic norman knights and protestant reformers; "High" church and non-conformists; churches with wealthy titled benefactors and those struggling to fix the roof; so many different bibles; and the snobbery of church-affiliated schools have vexed us for years.

William of Orange - only a "crush" of country ?
We admit that our own confusion on the subject of monarch and religion is extensive and we will explore the subject progressively as part of our family history project.  People starting out on their family history will need to understand the role of religion in economics and politics in order to fully appreciate their own history.

This article touches on the subject of protestant or "orange" monarchs. Under the leadership of the
British elite "orange" has become an identity inextricably linked to Northern Ireland but is this fair on those with orange Protestant family history that have no connection with Northern Ireland at all ?

British royalists and the wider peerage make much of their LOVE FOR THEIR COUNTRY and consider themselves guardians of "the old church" which presumably means their own catholicism evolving from the crusades. However their catholicism is different to that represented by the pope in Rome. This contention between different forms of the "old church" is the source of many family frustrations lower down the social scale - like us.

Martin Luther sought the truth (pinterest)
The LOVE of one's country then is considered by the elite to be a Catholic emotion far above the "recent" Protestant faith.  Deep love of country then is a priviledge of the Norman Catholic distinct from the "CRUSH" or "temporary love" of Protestant patriots. According to our theory of Norman Catholic culture and their special deep patriotic love, Protestants are regarded as viewing the country as a "floozy", "bit of fluff" or having a "crush". 

The Protestant Reformation sought clarity out of the confusion and conflict. It was the general aim to separate the word of God from the conveniences of power. The bible is the most important part of this objective and protestants are often reminded (by the aggressive elite) of their study of the Holy Quran in their hunt for documented truth. 

For all practical purposes the pecking order of British history as defined by the elite seems to be Knights, Protestant "Orange" monarchs and then Oliver Cromwell last.

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