Friday, 8 December 2017

Romford Conservatives Insult War Dead At Rememberance Sunday Services

"What are you doing here ?"
"You are not invited"
"The Mayor has not invited you"
Rememberance not politics (Recorder)
We have received several reports over recent years of the Romford Conservatives insulting the memory of those who gave their lives and their families at the Rememberance Sunday service in Coronation Gardens next to Romford Town Hall. 

Several witnesses from several Rememberance Sunday services over recent years have told us that Romford Conservatives make insulting remarks to Labour Party representatives and supporters attending the Rememberance Sunday service. Senior Conservatives such as Andrew Rosindell MP, former Havering Council leader Michael White and other Conservatives are said to have made deliberately provocative remarks about the right of the Labour Party to equally represent its supporters at the Rememberance Sunday service.

Centotaph Service
Cenotaph Service Should Set Standard Of Conduct  

Hundreds of thousands of those who have died in both world wars and other conflicts throughout the world were supporters of the Labour Party and many of their families would like this fact observed in their rememberance.

The leaders of political parties attend the Centotaph service every year without insulting conduct occuring.

Why does Romford have a different standard of conduct ? 

Local people in Romford simply want to remember those who lost their lives in war without the unacceptable conduct of the Romford Conservatives ruining the special day set aside to do so. The general public want the political agitation of the Romford Conservatives stopped so that they can pay their own respects without the behaviour of Conservatives disrupting a public event with their insulting and selfish conduct.

Local Elderly People Can't Make Journey To Cenotaph Service

Conduct of Andrew Rosindell MP is unacceptable  (BBC photo)
We presume the remarks are intended to provoke a reaction.  Trying to provoke an angry reaction at a Rememberance Sunday service is, in our view, a public order offence.

Needless to say the police turn a blind-eye to the behaviour of the Romford Conservatives, their political and masonic friends, and no action is taken just as in the orchestrated criminality scandals in Havering.   The Havering Witness has been campaigning for justice for the victims of orchestrated criminality for over 40 years.

In Romford even the war dead can be insulted without consequence if you wave enough Union flags and cheer the Queen loudly enough.

Romford MP Is Listed in Debretts And Is A Freeman of The City of London

The national Rememberance Sunday service at the Cenotaph has the political party representatives taking part without ANY political agitation taking place. Romford people simply want the same standard of conduct to apply to their local Rememberance Service - this is especially true of the elderly who can't make the journey to Whitehall to pay their respects at the Cenotaph.

The Romford MP Andrew Rosindell has met the Queen on several occasions, is a member of several pro-monarchist groups, is listed in Debretts, and has been made a Freeman of the City of London.  We wonder why he and his colleagues seem immune from prosecution for public disorder offences at public rememberance services - conduct that has deeply offended many local people.

Is Andrew Rosindell MP embarassing (and insulting) his constituents ?

Shouldn't Andrew Rosindell MP have made a greater effort to condemn the murder of Jo Cox MP ? 

Conservatives are two-faced on support for military families (depends on who you are ?)

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