Saturday, 16 December 2017

Havering Council Approve Notting Hill Housing Trust As Beam Park Regeneration Partner

Beam Park artists impression (Romford Recorder)
Havering Council has approved Notting Hill Housing Trust as a Joint Venture partner in the Beam Park regeneration plan.  The funding for the scheme will now be subject to approval at a meeting of the full council on Wednesday 21 February 2018.

Councillor Roger Ramsey, Leader of the Council and Lead Member for Regeneration, said:  “This is definitely one of the most exciting pieces of regeneration in Havering that will transform a huge part of the south of the borough, which traditionally hasn’t received the same amount of investment as other more central areas.

“Notting Hill’s approach as a long-term owner and manager of property means that they are committed to building homes and communities that will last, as they will be maintaining and managing these developments for many years to come.”

Roger Ramsey has been a Havering councillor for a very long time including at the time of the Havering College of Further Education and Brooklands football ground scandals.  Many people regard him as a decent man but we believe he has knowledge that could result in the criminal convictions of some of his Conservative Party colleagues and local police officers.

Roger Ramsey (Romford Recorder)

Roger Ramsey has never made any public statement about his alleged knowledge of corruption in property matters in the London Borough of Havering.  In addition to the college and Brooklands scandals there are other allegations of corruption involving the sale of council homes, the sale of "cherry-picked" government owned buildings, property maintenance contracts, other council contracts, corruption in the recruitment of council staff and pension fund raids

I can personally remember Roger Ramsey and the formidable former Labour councillor Mary Latham having rows about the care of the elderly.  Mr Ramsey, if I remember correctly, said that social care should be left entirely to the church and other Christian organisations. I remember members of the Christian community looking distinctly uncomfortable at this news.  I also recall he has a strong dislike of football and seemed distant throughout the Brooklands football ground issue.

Havering council cabinet approve Notting Hill Housing Trust as a partner in Beam Park regeneration

Recent corruption at Havering Council - traditions kept up ?

The very quiet council pension fund raid - surely this should have been more extensively  investigated ?

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