Saturday, 30 December 2017

Keep The Tory Snoopers Out In 2018 (and beyond)

A Suggestion For A New Year Resolution To Keep Tory Snoopers Out !

Knowing and memorising the historically significant parts of your own family history will help greatly in the general effort to keep Tory Snoopers out.  You can approach family history in a number of ways. For the purposes of keeping Tory Snoopers at bay we would recommend that you give priority to any connections your family has with historically and sociologically significant events and periods. 

As an example we have listed some of the issues that became significant in our own family history, these are the type of questions that arose in protecting our own family history from the Tory Snoopers - we hope it gives someone starting out an idea of the style of research we found most useful and the results kept for our own private records.

Is there any connection to the City of London or other major cities ? Is the family mainly Protestant or Catholic ? Yorkist or Lancastrian ? Arrived in Britain before or after the Norman Conquest ? Which European countries did your family emigrate to Britain from ? Do you have any family connections to any significant organisations ? Do you have any family connection to historically significant events such as famous battles ? What was your family's connection to the English Civil War ?  Is there a history of Trade Union membership ? We have a connection to Thetford, Norfolk which is the birth place of the great republican thinker Tom Paine !

Journalist and Writer John Bauldie - killed in helicopter crash
As you may already be aware from our mission statement, the Havering Witness was founded to lobby for justice for the innocent victims of orchestrated criminality in the London Borough of Havering. Two victims of concern to us are Penny Garner, a biology lecturer at Havering College, and her partner John Bauldie, a freelance journalist who wrote extensively on Bob Dylan.  There are long-standing allegations that John and Penny were the subject of "unofficial" research by politicised police officers and their Conservative Party friends as part of the general plan to try and close the college for property development. 

Romford's football ground "Brooklands" was also at the centre of many serious corruption allegations, the ground was closed and is now a housing estate.  Recently the family of a former manager of Romford FC, Dave Bickles, were presented with a copy of his first managerial contract awarded 41 years ago !

So, if you are stuck for a New Year Resolution, then please consider researching your family history and keep a step ahead of the tory snoopers in 2018 and beyond. Happy New Year !  

Family of former Romford FC Manager Dave Bickles presented with copy of his first managerial contract

Havering Witness founded to lobby for justice in orchestrated criminality allegations in attempt to close college site for property development

Labour Party members and Trade Unionists should know their family history to help keep the Tory Snoopers out

Tom Paine

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