Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Disgusting Conservative Party Conduct At Rememberance Sunday Services - We Make Complaint To City Of London Corporation

Coronation Gardens Rememberance Sunday Service (Romford Recorder)
The Havering Witness has made a formal complaint to the City of London corporation concerning the conduct of a Freeman of the City of London. Andrew Rosindell MP holds the honour of being a Freeman of the City of London.

We are of the humble view that his conduct, and that of other Romford conservatives,  in connection with the Coronation Gardens Remembrance Sunday service is not in keeping with such an honour. 

Labour Party representatives should be treated equally at rememberance services without highly offensive remarks being made as is the case at the Cenotaph service in Whitehall.

We have made the following complaint to the City of London but we don't have high expectations of Mr Rosindell being subject to any consequence of the highly offensive conduct reported to us over several years.

City of London Complaint Reference GE147531

Complaint About A Freeman Of The City Of London

Dear Sir,

Andrew Rosindell MP (Romford) is a Freeman of the City of London. The Cenotaph Rememberance Sunday service in London sets the national standard of rememberance.

The Havering Witness has received several independent reports over several years that our local Rememberance Sunday service in Romford (Coronation Gardens Memorial next to Romford Town Hall) is ruined every year by Romford Conservatives who claim that the Labour Party representative "has not been invited by the mayor". 

"What are you doing here ?" and similar highly offensive remarks are reported to have been said by Mr Andrew Rosindell MP, former Havering council Leader Michael White and other Romford Conservatives to the Labour Party representative.

These political games at a rememberance service are highly offensive to many people in Romford and ruins the one day a year set aside to remember those who died in war.  Many older people are especially upset by the conduct of Mr Rosindell and his Conservative Party colleagues as they cannot make the trip to the Cenotaph. 

If the Cenotaph service can proceed year after year without politics being played why do we in Romford have to tolerate a lower standard of conduct ?

Havering Witness Justice Campaign

Several reports of Romford Conservatives insulting war dead and their families at Rememberance Sunday services

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