Monday, 18 December 2017

Blue Passports - Rich Tories Will Cost US Millions !

Rich Tories want "their" old blue passport back
Well-travelled Andrew Rosindell MP has backed an expensive plan to re-introduce the blue UK passport. The flag-waving jingoism that Andrew Rosindell MP thrives on is set to cost the tax-payer £500 MILLION POUNDS.  We can imagine the kind of conversations that wealthy tories have had about the old blue passports and BREXIT in their yacht clubs and foreign properties reminiscing over a brandy - "..and while there about BREXIT they can damn well bring the old blue passport back as well and there's nothing wrong with petrol cars either, I've met Sterling Moss you know".
Only a Tory politician could conceive of the policy that spending tax-payers money on the design of a passport to satisfy the nostalgia of the jet-set wealthy is a worthwhile thing to do.  While tories enjoy their drinks in the yacht club talking about their old passports and commonwealth travelling TORY-DRIVEN BREXIT will bring company closures and relocations and many jobs will be lost to add to the great hardship that already exists in REAL BRITAIN today. 

The only way to get rid of the Tory disease of selfish stupidity is to VOTE LABOUR.  Not only vote for the Labour Party - but help the Labour Party restore the eroded foundations of morality in government policy and in the civil service and return our country to the moral traditions of the true working man and woman. 

A fair day's pay for a fair day's work and access to public services that are run by public servants with a deep sense of genuine duty - not the royal flag-waving fa├žade of pure greed we have being forced down our throats by Andrew Rosindell MP. 

Jobs, food, health and education are more important than the passport preferences of the rich - make sure that you let the Tories know how you feel - join the Labour Party today !

£500 Million to be spent on returning to old blue pasports (independent article)

Join the Labour Party today and help end this stupidity !

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