Friday, 3 November 2017

A New Royal Yacht - The Insulting Priorities Of The Conservative Party

Queen hires MV Hebridean Princess for yet another holiday on us
What would be your guess on the appropriate priorities of a British government ?  

Help for the over-stretched NHS still seething from the last crisis ?

Dealing with deep public concern about social care for the elderly ?

Taking measures to help low-income voters with price increases ?

Making progress on thousands of cases of gross injustice such as deaths in police cusody ?

Allocating a budget to compensate the businesses that will close as a result of BREXIT ?

Sadly it doesn't appear to be those things nor a hundred more deserving issues we could list. 

The Conservative Party say a new Royal Yacht is needed

The Queen is reported to have "wept" at the retirement of the old royal yacht. Royalists have decided that the issue is of great public concern.  The Conservative Party have already held talks on the commissioning of a new Royal Yacht.

To "sell" the announcement of this ridiculous expenditure it is thought the new royal yacht will spend some of its time training young people. The young people won't be aboard when the yacht is used for yet more royal holidays at our expense in addition to the huge disgusting  amount of public money already spent on the British monarchy over hundreds of years. Never has so much money been repeatedly wasted on a failed institution as the British monarchy.

What planet is the royalist Conservative Party on ?

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Queen hires the Hebridean Princess for yet another holiday at our expense

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