Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Is Andrew Rosindell MP Embarrasing His Constituents ?

"Actually that’s not the British way.."  says Rosindell

 In the normal course of events an elected British government appoints a Foreign Secretary who works with the Diplomatic Service to definitively represent Britain to the world. Romford MP Andrew Rosindell doesn't seem satisfied with this normal arrangement and appears to want to represent Britain from Romford by-passing the definitive statements of the Foreign Office. 

Rosindell on SKY NEWS telling the world what being British means
Those who are familiar with tories in Romford, Hornchurch and Upminster won't be surprised at this tendency to high self importance.  In the 1970s a number of Romford Conservative Party supporters are said by locals to have sought Rhodesian citizenship and worn Rhodesian police uniforms "for a laugh". 

Speaking on SKY NEWS Andrew Rosindell MP once again told the world what being British means as if he was the personification of the British people.  The Brexit negotiations have stalled recently as the two sides failed to come to an agreement on issues including the divorce payment and citizens rights.

This latest outburst from the self-appointed figure head of Britishness, Andrew Rosindell MP, can be added to a growing list of inappropriate interventions that are embarrassing to many voters in Romford.  We don't want our home town to appear arrogant and extreme we are quite happy for the Foreign Secretary and the Diplomatic Service to represent the country in accordance with normal democratic authority. 

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