Thursday, 26 October 2017

Does Andrew Rosindell MP Approve Of The Growing Global Wealth Gap ?

Andrew Rosindell MP is a staunch supporter of Margaret Thatcher and has been awarded the Freedom of the City of London. It is reasonable then to suggest that Andrew Rosindell MP must be in favour of the disgusting wealth gap that exists in the UK and the world today. Despite Parliament having many debates on poverty and the planned universal credit plans we cannot find any contribution from Andrew Rosndell MP protesting against the wealth divide and proposing measures to remedy it.

If ever there was a story about the wealth gap that caught our eye it was the FARINATA story from Brazil - on first sight it reminded us of the 1973 cult-classic film Soylent Green and how corporations will stop at nothing to make more money from the fundamental needs of life.

However reading deeper this form of food pellet is from real food that would otherwise be wasted and it has the blessing of Pope Francis.

The Guardian reports:  "Rosana Perrotti, founder of Plataforma Sinergia (Synergy Platform), the Catholic organisation that developed farinata, said it came in the form of a flour or as pellets and showed off vials of powder made from foodstuffs such as pasta and manioc. The organisation’s website says it has received a blessing from Pope Francis."

What a contrast there is in the workings of the Catholic Church, they can marry millionaire tories in London and develop food pellets for the poor in Brazil at the same time !

Do you want your Romford MP to speak up about the disgusting wealth gap in our world today ? If so then please don't vote for Andrew Rosindell MP.  The last thing we need is extreme jingoism from the likes of Andrew Rosindell MP in the face of such disgusting inequality.  

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