Friday, 29 September 2017

Prince Harry and Tobias Ellwood MP ! Please get stuffed, thank you for listening.

Your Royal Highness please get stuffed (Mirror photo)
Politics is a rough old business which of course includes war and its aftermath but the Royal Conservative establishment do like to infer that they have exclusive private control of the tax-payer funded British Armed Forces. If a democratically-elected Labour Party MP wants to reflect the growing public anger at the Royal Conservative establishment he or she can and should do so with vigour !  And further they can do so without being "told off" by the royals and their circle of friends like Tobias "Special Hero" Ellwood MP.

Many voters are spitting angry at endless royal parties and expenditure in very hard times - it is the public duty of Emma Dent Coad MP to respond to that anger and show voters they are being listened to.

Tobias "Special Hero" Ellwood MP administered emergency first aid after the Westminster attack - members of the public offering first aid to injured people is an everyday event they don't get called hero's and their names don't get printed on the front page of newspapers.

We could also speculate on why it is that Prince Harry felt that the Invictus Games was now necessary when many of the wounded and disabled war veterans of the past got absolutely nothing from the Royal Conservative establishment and later had to watch in despair as the welfare state they voted for in 1945 was gleefully dismantled by Margaret Thatcher.

Would Prince Harry like to clarify his view on privatisation and its stark contrast with the majority political view of veterans of both World Wars ? Veterans and their families voted for the national welfare vision of Clement Attlee in their millions ! The royals did nothing about its destruction by their Conservative Party friends like Tobias "Special Hero" Ellwood MP.    

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