Friday, 15 September 2017

NHS Priorities Scandal - ME Research Cost Millions But Still Can't Decide On Name.

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The National ME Centre is based in the London Borough of Havering - what have we done wrong ? According to many hundreds of thousands of dedicated NHS employees our health service is struggling to meet standards with many reports of crises in Accident & Emergency departments across the UK. As winter approaches there are now renewed warnings of the NHS being seriously overstretched and the social care system simply not being fit for purpose.

While these very serious and concerning issues have had people raging in front-line NHS services a very different NHS-funded project has been quietly proceeding without the critical scutiny it should have in a time of austerity.  After decades of research and millions of pounds spent the ME / CFS "movement" still can't decide whether they have the right name for the disease they have been researching.  (see "Name Change Committee" report link below)

Quackery in the NHS ?
The current "treatment plan" for ME / CFS reads more like a noticeboard in a leisure centre than a focussed scientific method. The NHS choices site lists "options" as behaviour therapy, exercise, diet control, pain relief and sufficient sleep - am I alone in thinking that this is just general patient welfare dressed up as a disease-specific treatment plan.  "Quacks" or incompetent people posing as doctors have dressed-up general patient welfare as "treatments" for centuries - why isn't the NHS quality management system bearing down on this ? It should be completely unacceptable for such a dubious project to receive any special funding at all when front-line services are so clearly struggling with many many local people telling us of their experiences.

Still deciding on a name after 30 years of NHS expenditure ? We think that ME / CFS spending should be stopped immediately, the current ME patients advised by their GPs only, and a public inquiry into the total expenditure on people and facilities used to be started immediately.

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