Tuesday, 26 September 2017

John McDonnell - Genuine Public Service

Real politics has returned at last ! (new statesman photo)
Fat cat pension swilling Tories haven't stopped laughing at the systematic denial of life and career opportunities inflicted by Conservative governments on working-class young people since the 1980s.

However there was a sense of shock in the air yesterday when a British politician stood up and gave real hope to our alienated young people with a pledge to renationalise the rail, energy, water and Royal Mail sectors.

"Real hope for the future not gloss and smiles."

Speaking at the Labour Party 2017 conference in Brighton yesterday, the shadow chancellor John McDonnell, relaunched REAL MARKET ECONOMICS after 37 years of a contorted privatisation feeding-frenzy. Big business has spent those years forcing and moulding consumers like some psychopathic cruel animal trainers in a banned performing circus. 

"Real politics was rebooted today after a 37 year crash."

John McDonnell's inspiring speech reminded us of "bygone" economic ideas like real market prices,  the cost of identifiable skills and our homes not being commodities to be bought and sold.  It was a direct challenge to the Thatcherite trough of  "charge what the mugs will take"  - all work however complex has identifiable skills that can be priced - we don't have to put up with "Rip-Off Britain".

The Queen and her priviledged circle constantly remind us, until we feel sick, of what they regard as their public service to young people - nothing could be further from the truth - the best future for our young people was spelt out yesterday by the son of an Army sergeant and our next chancellor of the exchequer John McDonnell.

Thank you Mr McDonnell for your public service !

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