Wednesday, 13 September 2017

BREXIT BOZO's and our young people.

Life opportunities denied ( photo)
Local BREXIT BOZO's that support royalist anti-EU politician Andrew Rosindell MP are mostly older white people who don't really care about life opportunities for young people. Young voters wanted to stay in the EU in large numbers.

Concern for others and "public service" is the BIG LIE of the British royal establishment - they are only really interested in themselves and NOT the genuine national interest for all our people. The royal family and their BREXIT BOZO supporters are constantly in the public eye claiming to be concerned with young people and opportunity but when they vote it is for themselves, that is how they always vote and always will.  Our young people will never see the things that the older white tory BREXIT BOZO take for granted, many of today's young people will never be able to afford a property of their own and many will struggle to find their basic cost of living. The BREXIT BOZO in stark contrast to the future they have created for the young are busy wondering how to spend their big fat pensions. 

We think that young people and industry are right - BREXIT BOZO's and their constant demented flag-waving DO NOT represent the best national interest for all our people -  instead of sensible EU membership the flag-waving BREXIT BOZO's will ultimately reduce jobs and life opportunities generally.  It is a national disgrace that our young people should have to tolerate the malicious wishes of the old white male-dominated golf clubs and their like.

The sooner this country gets rid of the monarchy and its NASTY NETWORK of supporters in clubs and associations across the county the sooner genuine national interest will be served.  For young people reading our site please be assured that their are people who are concerned about your future but you won't fnd them in the BREXIT BOZO royalist Conservative Party of Andrew Rosindell MP.

The Royal old whites and their nasty BLUE BREXIT 

Jeremy Corbyn wins over 40% national vote share !

The Tory attack on genuine public service

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