Friday, 29 September 2017

Prince Harry and Tobias Ellwood MP ! Please get stuffed, thank you for listening.

Your Royal Highness please get stuffed (Mirror photo)
Politics is a rough old business which of course includes war and its aftermath but the Royal Conservative establishment do like to infer that they have exclusive private control of the tax-payer funded British Armed Forces. If a democratically-elected Labour Party MP wants to reflect the growing public anger at the Royal Conservative establishment he or she can and should do so with vigour !  And further they can do so without being "told off" by the royals and their circle of friends like Tobias "Special Hero" Ellwood MP.

Many voters are spitting angry at endless royal parties and expenditure in very hard times - it is the public duty of Emma Dent Coad MP to respond to that anger and show voters they are being listened to.

Tobias "Special Hero" Ellwood MP administered emergency first aid after the Westminster attack - members of the public offering first aid to injured people is an everyday event they don't get called hero's and their names don't get printed on the front page of newspapers.

We could also speculate on why it is that Prince Harry felt that the Invictus Games was now necessary when many of the wounded and disabled war veterans of the past got absolutely nothing from the Royal Conservative establishment and later had to watch in despair as the welfare state they voted for in 1945 was gleefully dismantled by Margaret Thatcher.

Would Prince Harry like to clarify his view on privatisation and its stark contrast with the majority political view of veterans of both World Wars ? Veterans and their families voted for the national welfare vision of Clement Attlee in their millions ! The royals did nothing about its destruction by their Conservative Party friends like Tobias "Special Hero" Ellwood MP.    

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Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Royalist Skirmish - Emma Dent Coad MP Is Simply Reflecting Public Anger At The Monarchy

Diamond Jubilee - One of many Royal parties (daily mail photo)
Labour MP Emma Dent Coad is the current hate figure of the British establishment after winning the Kensington seat from tory Victoria Borwick and making anti-Royal comments at the Labour Party 2017 conference in Brighton.

Emma Dent Coad MP, like any other MP,  is simply reflecting views that she already knows exist in her constituency and throughout the UK.

Well Done Emma ! We rarely hear any politician respond to growing public anger about the contrasts of royal expenditure and public spending cuts.

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Tuesday, 26 September 2017

John McDonnell - Genuine Public Service

Real politics has returned at last ! (new statesman photo)
Fat cat pension swilling Tories haven't stopped laughing at the systematic denial of life and career opportunities inflicted by Conservative governments on working-class young people since the 1980s.

However there was a sense of shock in the air yesterday when a British politician stood up and gave real hope to our alienated young people with a pledge to renationalise the rail, energy, water and Royal Mail sectors.

"Real hope for the future not gloss and smiles."

Speaking at the Labour Party 2017 conference in Brighton yesterday, the shadow chancellor John McDonnell, relaunched REAL MARKET ECONOMICS after 37 years of a contorted privatisation feeding-frenzy. Big business has spent those years forcing and moulding consumers like some psychopathic cruel animal trainers in a banned performing circus. 

"Real politics was rebooted today after a 37 year crash."

John McDonnell's inspiring speech reminded us of "bygone" economic ideas like real market prices,  the cost of identifiable skills and our homes not being commodities to be bought and sold.  It was a direct challenge to the Thatcherite trough of  "charge what the mugs will take"  - all work however complex has identifiable skills that can be priced - we don't have to put up with "Rip-Off Britain".

The Queen and her priviledged circle constantly remind us, until we feel sick, of what they regard as their public service to young people - nothing could be further from the truth - the best future for our young people was spelt out yesterday by the son of an Army sergeant and our next chancellor of the exchequer John McDonnell.

Thank you Mr McDonnell for your public service !

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Saturday, 23 September 2017

Is British Justice A Masonic Club ?

The murder of Labour MP Jo Cox and widespread consideration of the deeper motives behind BREXIT has caused a largely quiet section of the British public to wonder whether there is any genuine high-level public service in this country at all.  The impressive work of the REBECCA investigative web-site and other works such as THE BROTHERHOOD show that these public concerns are already very well-established - worries about corruption at the very highest levels of British society have a long history - as long as the monarchy itself.   

Jo Cox MP - Pembroke College graduate
In the Brothers in Silk article (see link below) a Cardiff barrister, Roger Everest, describes how two colleagues of his were made QC's (Queens Counsel) because of their masonic lodge membership.  Roger Everest in contrast was never made a QC and he claims that this is due to him refusing to join the welsh masonic lodge Dinas Llandaf (lodge number 8512). He took his case to the European court Of Human Rights but they refused to consider it. 

(from Brothers in Silk)  "In 1984 Gerald Elias was made a Queen’s Counsel .. being a QC opens the way for a barrister to become a judge and with it the eventual possibility of a knighthood.. . Roger Everest couldn’t help noticing that there was a masonic connection in Elias’ appointment. Gerard Elias QC has a brother Sir Patrick Elias QC, former fellow of Pembroke College and was appointed to the Queen's Privy Council.

Brothers in Silk edited by Paddy French, REBECCA

The REBECCA web-site of Paddy French (The Rebecca Riots took place in Wales against the Turnpike Trusts)       

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

The Tory "Rent Economy" Driven By Housing Benefit

Report warns of the tory rent economy heavily dependent on benefits
Supporters of Tory MP Andrew Rosindell are only too keen to call the benefit system a place for "leeches" and "scroungers" but a new report suggests that the REAL LEECHES ARE LANDLORDS NOT TENANTS.
A damning report by the National Housing Federation indicates the strong possibility of TORY BENEFIT LEECHES amongst Mr Rosindell's network of smug "I've already made it" supporters who "earn" their living from property rents. The report highlights the DEPENDENCY OF LANDLORDS ON BENEFITS and the HIGH COST TO THE TAXPAYER.
 The Big Issue reports:  "A study, carried out by the National Housing Federation, claims that the amount of money spent on building new social homes has fallen by such a large degree that taxpayers are spending more than ever on housing benefit to support people in costly rental properties.

This has led to spending on housing benefit to rise from £16.6bn 20 years ago to 25.1bn, according to the federation.

The cost of housing someone in the private rented sector estimated to add an extra £21-a-week to the bill, the amount of housing benefit going to private landlords has almost doubled in the last decade to a total of £9.1bn in 2015/16.

It is also insisted that the nation’s commitment to building homes has fallen from £11.4bn in 2009 to 5.3bn in 2015 – a drop from 0.7 per cent of total GDP to just 0.2% – with more than one million families still on housing waiting lists."

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Friday, 15 September 2017

NHS Priorities Scandal - ME Research Cost Millions But Still Can't Decide On Name.

( image)
The National ME Centre is based in the London Borough of Havering - what have we done wrong ? According to many hundreds of thousands of dedicated NHS employees our health service is struggling to meet standards with many reports of crises in Accident & Emergency departments across the UK. As winter approaches there are now renewed warnings of the NHS being seriously overstretched and the social care system simply not being fit for purpose.

While these very serious and concerning issues have had people raging in front-line NHS services a very different NHS-funded project has been quietly proceeding without the critical scutiny it should have in a time of austerity.  After decades of research and millions of pounds spent the ME / CFS "movement" still can't decide whether they have the right name for the disease they have been researching.  (see "Name Change Committee" report link below)

Quackery in the NHS ?
The current "treatment plan" for ME / CFS reads more like a noticeboard in a leisure centre than a focussed scientific method. The NHS choices site lists "options" as behaviour therapy, exercise, diet control, pain relief and sufficient sleep - am I alone in thinking that this is just general patient welfare dressed up as a disease-specific treatment plan.  "Quacks" or incompetent people posing as doctors have dressed-up general patient welfare as "treatments" for centuries - why isn't the NHS quality management system bearing down on this ? It should be completely unacceptable for such a dubious project to receive any special funding at all when front-line services are so clearly struggling with many many local people telling us of their experiences.

Still deciding on a name after 30 years of NHS expenditure ? We think that ME / CFS spending should be stopped immediately, the current ME patients advised by their GPs only, and a public inquiry into the total expenditure on people and facilities used to be started immediately.

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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

BREXIT BOZO's and our young people.

Life opportunities denied ( photo)
Local BREXIT BOZO's that support royalist anti-EU politician Andrew Rosindell MP are mostly older white people who don't really care about life opportunities for young people. Young voters wanted to stay in the EU in large numbers.

Concern for others and "public service" is the BIG LIE of the British royal establishment - they are only really interested in themselves and NOT the genuine national interest for all our people. The royal family and their BREXIT BOZO supporters are constantly in the public eye claiming to be concerned with young people and opportunity but when they vote it is for themselves, that is how they always vote and always will.  Our young people will never see the things that the older white tory BREXIT BOZO take for granted, many of today's young people will never be able to afford a property of their own and many will struggle to find their basic cost of living. The BREXIT BOZO in stark contrast to the future they have created for the young are busy wondering how to spend their big fat pensions. 

We think that young people and industry are right - BREXIT BOZO's and their constant demented flag-waving DO NOT represent the best national interest for all our people -  instead of sensible EU membership the flag-waving BREXIT BOZO's will ultimately reduce jobs and life opportunities generally.  It is a national disgrace that our young people should have to tolerate the malicious wishes of the old white male-dominated golf clubs and their like.

The sooner this country gets rid of the monarchy and its NASTY NETWORK of supporters in clubs and associations across the county the sooner genuine national interest will be served.  For young people reading our site please be assured that their are people who are concerned about your future but you won't fnd them in the BREXIT BOZO royalist Conservative Party of Andrew Rosindell MP.

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Friday, 8 September 2017

Lament To Malala

One child, one teacher, one pen can change the world
Malala Yousafzai, the young pakistani girl who was shot in the head by the Taliban for opposing their total ban on education for girls is to be an undergraduate at the University of Oxford.

Malala will study Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) and has been accepted to Lady Margaret Hall college.  Lady Margaret Hall was the first Oxford college to admit women undergraduates.

Malala ! You don't need a bunch of Oxford toffs you simply need to become a teacher !

We would like to congratulate Malala on her A-level success but we are concerned that the turgid language of the Oxbridge set will dampen her raw energy and passion for education and women's rights.Malala you don't need upper-class British drips to tell you how the world is - you have played an important part in telling us, the British public, how things really were in Pakistan ! 

The Oxbridge set were drinking Pimms, punting and dressing themselves up while you were making a stand for the education of girls in a war zone ! 

Malala ! Become a teacher and a Labour MP  !

Malala ! We think you have been ill-advised to study at Oxford (or Cambridge) we think you should have built on your well known Birmingham identity and studied education at a nearby University. You should use your own deep passion for learning and work as a teacher in the Birmingham area as you build over a number of years to become a prospective parliamentary candidate for the Labour Party in the midlands.  We fear that Oxford won't suit you and will only dampen the raw passion of your life experiences into something that benefits the Oxbridge set and not you or the people you really want to help !  We want the real Malala not a "reigned-in" Oxbridge version. 

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Thursday, 7 September 2017

Britain Accelerating Towards A Secular Society

( photo)

The latest British Social Attitudes Survey reveals an acceleration towards a secular society with over 50% declaring no religious faith.

The Guardian reports : Roger Harding, of the National Centre for Social Research which publishes the survey, said the latest figures followed “the long-term trend of more and more of us not being religious”.  He added: “The differences by age are stark and, with so many younger people not having a religion, it’s hard to see this change abating any time soon. The falls in those belonging to the Church of England are the most notable, but these figures should cause all religious leaders to pause for thought.”

What is the moral authority of the crown ?

( image)
Humanists UK said the figures raised fresh questions about the place of churches in running state schools and their other privileges. “How can it be right that 97% of young people today are not Anglicans, but some 20% of the state schools to which their children will go belong to the C of E? More generally, how can the Church of England remain in any meaningful sense the national legally established church, when it caters for such a small portion of the population?” said Andrew Copson, Humanists UK’s chief executive.

Terry Sanderson, president of the National Secular Society, said: “These statistics indicate that the time has come for this country to have a serious debate about the place of religion in our society.”

The BSA data called into question the existence of faith schools and reserved seats for bishops in the House of Lords, he added.

The future is secular and that means genuine justice will not have to fight against the false morality of the royalist Church of England. The "moral" outer wall of the royalist castle, namely the Church of England, looks breached and ready for a sustained justice campaign.

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