Wednesday, 5 July 2017

What has it taken so long to complete the Shoreham Air Crash investigation ?

The 11 Shoreham Air Show crash victims (mirror photo)
On 22 August 2015 a vintage aircraft flyng at the Shoreham Air Show crashed onto a motorway killing 11 people.  We are now approaching TWO YEARS since the Shoreham crash and we are STILL waiting to see justice done for the victims and their families.

There have been many other transport crashes in recent years with many fatalities involving planes, trains, lorries and cars but thier investigations, inquests and trials were completed, often with less evidence, much much quicker than the Shoreham saga. Why is Shoreham so different ? Why is justice taking so long ?  Is it because that the Shoreham Air Show crash pilot Andy Hill was an RAF officer and later a British Airways pilot ? Do these things make a difference to justice ?

 Nicholas Hair interview on BBC Radio 5 live

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Pilot questioned by Police AGAIN in June 2017

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