Friday, 14 July 2017

The Many Gods Of Royal Havering

Romford has the misfortune of having one of the most royalist MPs in parliament in Andrew Rosindell.  However, the creaking old ship of the British monarchy is slowly sinking and Mr Rosindell and his royalist supporters are trying to ensure that we the people of Romford all sink with it - please help us get rid of him and let us embrace the only real future we have - a meritocratic republic free from all the gleeful obstructions of priviledge !

The Queen, as Mr Rosindell, will remind you is the head of the Church, the full title being the Supreme Governor of the Church of England.  This royal role is acknowledged in the Thirty-Nine Articles of 1562 .In Scotland the Queen appoints the Lord High Commissioner to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland as her representative -  The Queen on occasion has filled the role personally, as when she opened the General Assembly in 1977 and 2002 (her Silver and Golden Jubilee years).  Gold and Silver appear to have a special meaning in relation to Royal Scotland. (wikipedia)

With such a royalist MP so frequently proclaiming his support for the Queen we might be able to report Havering as a monotheistic religious community with a very clear and consistent understanding of God.  However, having lived in Havering all our lives and having recently conducted a street survey asking the question "What or who is your God ?" we have a very different reality.

Here are a few of the (anonymous) Havering community suggestions as to what God is:
  • Money -  "God ought to help me earn more money if he wants anything from me"
  • Burger and Beer - "A Big Mac and cold lager."
  • The Queen - "The Queen talks with God and passes it to us."
  • Spitfire Pilots - "The pilots of the Battle of Britain they are my Gods."
  • R.J. Mitchell ("designer" of the Spitfire) "The bloke who designed the spitfire is my God".
  • Property - "Having a big house with horses - that's what God is about mate".
  • Talking about grandchildren "Telling all my friends about my grandchildren - thats what God wants me to do - he told me".
  • Cars - "You really know when things are for you when you're driving a decent motor."
  • Sex - "A sexy bird mate and plenty of 'em that what god should do for me." 
  • Sensation seeking - "Being a God means plently of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll."
  • Football - "If I get picked for a big club then I'll be like a God."
  • Looking Good - "Looking and feeling good, turning heads that's what's it all about." 
Sound more like a Godless wilderness than a proud example of Royal devotion - is Mr Rosindell really the best person to lead our town into the future ?

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