Thursday, 20 July 2017

The Havering Four

The eye-witness allegations of orchestrated crime at Havering College just won't go away much to  the frustration of the Romford, Hornchurch and Upminster Conservative Parties, their supporters, and their political friends in the London Borough of Havering police force. Truth doesn't disappear - people remember injustice to their dying day

Havering Police Have Always Refused To Take Witness Evidence

Those concerned about the victims want a full investigation of the allegations based on the eye-witness testimony they can provide -  the witnesses have never been asked for their evidence by the police - it is the legal duty of the police to investigate crime. Witnesses think that THREE DEATHS and ONE PERMANENT DISABILITY are linked to the Havering College scandal, the HAVERING FOUR are: 

  1. DEATH of John Bauldie - who died as a fellow passenger in the Matthew Harding helicopter crash.  Mr Bauldie, a journalist, told Mr Harding of the Havering College scandal.   
  2. DEATH of Penny Garner - the domestic partner of John Bauldie.  Penny was also a Biology lecturer at Havering College during the criminal events witnessed by this campaign. Penny died in despair a few years after John was killed in the Harding helicopter crash.
  3.  DEATH of a mechanical engineering student, first name David, on the TEC Production and Mechanical Engineering course was killed when he "lost control" of his motorcycle. Another student, a youth offender enrolled at the college. was witnessed trying to sabotage motorcycles and cars only days before the accident.  
  4. PERMANENT DISABILITY of a member of the public hit by a car driven by a youth offender enrolled at the college.  The victim survived the accident but nearly lost her leg resulting in permanent disability. The car was occupied by two youth offenders - one of them was the SAME individual caught trying to sabotage vehicles prior to the fatal motorcycle accident described above.
Witnesses say there could be MORE DEATHS, injury and other crimes connected to the Havering College scandal. If you have any witness evidence of further deaths, injury or other crime you believe linked to the Havering College scandal then please contact the police immediately.

Please read an outline of eye-witness testimony

Other Havering Council scandals

Member of "Irish Fenian" family with arms / explosives store joined Conservative Party in Havering

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