Saturday, 15 July 2017

REPUBLIC 2017 - Republic pressure group holds its annual convention in Newcastle

Campaign group Republic is holding its Annual Convention in Newcastle today. Speakers include:

local MP Chi Onwurah, new Kensington MP Emma Dent Coad, former Greens leader Natalie Bennett, Newcastle academic Martin Farr and Swedish MP Christina Örnebjär.

The Republic Convention 2017 is asking how citizens can really take back control from the powerful institutions of Westminster. The event will ask: How democratic is Britain? If we really want political control, what reforms do we need in Westminster? How does the monarchy shape and reflect a centralised and secretive British state?

Graham Smith, Republic's CEO, said:  "We're really excited about being in Newcastle for the 2017 Republic Convention.  These are difficult political times and there's a real need for serious democratic reform.  We think this conference will offer some real answers to the challenges ahead."  "Britain needs a re-balancing of power between people, parliament and government.  That can only really happen if we become a fully-fledged republic with a fully elected parliament and an effective head of state."

Lets hope the work of Republic will help the republican people of Romford get rid of royalist Andrew Rosindell MP and build a meritocratic future full of deserved opportunity.

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