Saturday, 8 July 2017

The Self-Adulation of the British Establishment Continues

Proposed new statue (standard photo)
Despite Margaret Thatcher being one of the most divisive figures in British political history there are still attempts to erect further statues and tributes to her.  The Royal Family appear to be using the statue project for their own purposes by the involvement of the Royal Parks Estate.  The monarchy and peerage often like to imply that they were opposed to the divisive privatisation policies of Thatcherism for their own public relations purposes but the British monarchy, peerage and their elite school community are NOT in favour of nationalisation or the Labour Party generally.

Thatcher's existing statue in parliament
BBC report (see link): The Public Memorials Appeal Trust - a charity which has raised the money to erect the statue - said it was chosen to portray the former PM in her state robes, "her most dignified attire," with "a resolute posture looking towards the Houses of Parliament, with a stern gaze slightly rightwards, akin with her political leanings". Other statues of Lady Thatcher include one by sculptor Antony Dufort, in the members' lobby of the House of Commons, unveiled in 2007, and a bronze bust in a museum in her home town of Grantham. In 2002 a protester decapitated a £150,000 Italian marble statue of Lady Thatcher at London's Guildhall Library.

Yet more parties at our expense (daily mail)
Why do the Royal Family try so hard to manage their stance on Thatcherism in the press ? It is because Margaret Thatcher represents the biggest betrayal of the wishes of those who survived World War II and the supportive state they voted for.  The gleeful destruction of the public sector by Margaret Thatcher, representing the Conservative royal establishment, is the BIGGEST BETRAYAL OF BRITISH SERVICES PERSONNEL AND CIVILIANS in modern political history. The monarchy and peerage are very keen on distancing themselves from discontent in order to keep up their charade of popularity.

In the 1945 general election the Conservative Party Prime Minister and compulsory "national hero" Winston Churchill was beaten heavily by the Labour Party led by Clement Attlee in a landslide victory.   The 12.0% national swing from the Conservative Party to the Labour Party in 1945 remains the LARGEST EVER achieved in a British general election.  The survivors of World War II wanted the Labour Party policies that would build the new public sector  - Margaret Thatcher gleefully destroyed those wishes and the monarchy and peerage did nothing about it despite what they say now.

New ships and many other new projects named after the Queen
Ever since 1945 we have had the almost daily lie that Winston Churchill is a great popular hero - the reality is that the voters kicked him out on his priviledged back-side in a record election win for Labour. The lies continue with seemingly endless expensive tributes and parties for the Queen and Margaret Thatcher - people who are hated in many parts of our people's country.

Another statue to the darling of the private capital elite Margaret Thatcher

Royalist Conservative Party shuts out military families

Two-Tier BREXIT reality of the British Royal Establishment

Two-tier respect in two-tier royal BREXIT Britain

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