Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Bower Park Academy - A Politically Isolated School Turning ITSELF Around

On Thursday 22nd June 2017, the Havering Learning Partnership, consisting of all the schools and colleges in Havering, held its first annual awards ceremony at Havering Sixth Form College.  The following Teachers from the Bower Park academy were recognised
  • Mr Poole – for his dynamic and creative work in Art and Design
  • Mrs Mosuro – for the excellent work she does in RE
  • Mrs Savage – for her hard work and motivation in History
  • Mrs O’Shaughnessy – for her dedication, enthusiasm and inspiration in SEND
  • Ms Davis – for exceptional support in Science.
As ex-pupils The Havering Witness would like to congratulate the teaching staff of Bower Park Academy for their hard work and dedication in turning the school around from its former status as a school that the local Conservative Party establishment (and their friends in the police) dumped its problems on for years.  It is the teachers who have improved the school NOT Conservative Party councillors.

Back in the 1970s / 80s the school was called Chase Cross Comprehensive and it was regarded as a dumping ground (or in today's language a "sink school") for a minority of "problem" families who like rotten apples did their best to turn the whole school bad.  That was the role the Conservative Party and their friends in the police created for the school, and it was the daily reality for hard-working teachers fighting against a barrage of insults about their character and ability in the face of very difficult pupils and parents.

Please read our articles below to learn of the allegations of political victimisation that the school was subjected to by the Conservative Party and their friends in the police throughout the 1970s / 80s.

The Orchestrated Criminality Directed At A School

Connected events at a local college which was also marked as "a problem" by the Conservatives and their political friends in the police

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