Saturday, 1 July 2017

Andrew Rosindell MP - Shouldn't he express more concern over the murder of Jo Cox MP ?

The Murder of Jo Cox MP

Brave Jo Cox MP murdered by a right-wing activist
It was widely reported that just prior to murdering brave Jo Cox MP the right-wing killer Thomas Alexander Mair was reading about Ian Gow MP and the memorial to him in the House of Commons. 

Romford MP Andrew Rosindell was heavily involved in the campaign for Ian Gow's memorial. Why should, Ian Gow, a tory MP who died 26 years ago be the current interest of a right-wing activist in the midst of the historic BREXIT referendum ? Many right-wing political commentators have described the BREXIT referendum as the biggest political event since the end of World War II -  it seems odd to us that a right-wing pro-BREXIT killer would regard Ian Gow as a prominent issue in the build-up to such an historically important referendum.    

In 2015 Andrew Rosindell MP received a very public rebuke from Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron over Rosindell's comments about maternity leave.  The MP involved was from the Leeds area as was Jo Cox MP.  David Cameron campaigned for the UK to stay in the EU while royalist Andrew Rosindell MP campaigned for BREXIT. Did Mr Rosindell take deep offense at this public rebuke from his own Pro-EU leader or just shrug his shoulders and forget it ? 

The Havering Witness asks you the reader to use your own judgement - are these events just coincidences or signs of something else ?  You decide.  Shouldn't Andrew Rosindell MP be expressing his disgust at the murder of Jo Cox MP, a democratically-elected British MP, after all he used the democracy principle to support a memorial to Ian Gow MP - didn't he ?

Two days before the murder of Jo Cox MP by a right-wing activist

Rosindell campaigns for Ian Gow memorial

David Cameron publicly rebukes Rosindell  

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