Saturday, 10 June 2017

What have -63, 11+ and Tory Leadership got in common?

Catastrophic political misjudgement  
Prime Minister Theresa May is guilty of one of the most serious cases of political misjudgment ever to have occured in modern political history. After months of keen tory press support for her getting a large majority in the election, the result saw a reduction of tory seats by 13.  Theresa May's team did not produce a "landslide" but a big step backwards struggling with minority government status and trying to make a deal with another party, the DUP, in order to stay in power. 

How can a revered Conservative Party leader like Theresa May and her team combined with her huge support in the British press get it so wrong ? The answer is simple - like all tories they are simply hugely over-rated and live in their own conceited priviledged world of self-congratulation with no effective criticism. British Royal Conservative society is as arrogant and over-rated as it ever was despite constant reassurances to the contrary - if Charles Dickens were alive today he would recognise their behaviour as if it was 1880.  We should not tolerate their stupidity and arrogance for one second longer - please NEVER vote Conservative !
  •  Why -63 ? Why would a leader call a snap election to "get a strong mandate for BREXIT" unless they believed they woud get at least, say, a strong majority of 50.  Theresa May actually reduced her seats by 13 ending with -13 in parliamentary numbers.  It should have been +50 (the papers said +100 !).  We think that Theresa May should get -63 for her political judgement exam - certainly worthy of being kicked out of her class and school entirely ! May is not in a position to tell us how our education system should work.  
  • Why 11+ ? Much of the criticism directed at Theresa May and her team by other tories concerns her advisors Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill and the parts of the manifesto they wrote.  Conservatives make much of their English language skills and Theresa May wanted to increase the number of grammar schools in her term as Prime Minister.  Given the reception that their manifesto received it seems that their communication skills are much much lower than claimed.  We say Theresa May, Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill  have ALL failed their "applied 11+ exam" and deserve to be stripped of their "better than you" 11+ educational status for the good of the nation.
 -63 and 11+ (withdrawn) are strange numbers indeed for people who claim a level of natural ability so far above everybody else.  The reality of their talents is the worst case of political misjudgement by a British Prime Minister in living memory.  These are the people who will determine your future if you let them - PLEASE never ever vote for the Conservative Party and give yourself the best chance of a secure and healthy future.

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