Thursday, 8 June 2017

Please help yourself by NOT voting for the Conservative Party !

Please don't help the British social elite by voting Conservative

On this election day we make a humble appeal to our readers - Please don't vote Conservative - ever !  Please only consider the interests of the ordinary British man, woman and child and NOT the social elites.

Voting Conservative is not a vote for the interests of real people it is only a vote for the interests of the British social elites - the Conservatives are only interested in themselves and their own welfare please DO NOT help them secure their own futures at your expense. BREXIT is not done in your interest, it is done in theirs !  The jobs of ordinary British people wil be hit hard while the city jobs of the elite will be protected.  A decline of 40% in non-financial sector trade is predicted due to BREXIT.  

Please do not vote Conservative, here are just a few reasons why: 

The designed decline in our public services

One rule for them, one rule for us

Price Bubbles - The Conservative Economic Vision

The disgusting decline of the NHS under the Conservatives

Tax is good, Hate is bad - remember Jo Cox MP

The reality of Conservative "Traditional Family Values"

Two tier respect in two tier BREXIT Britain

Asian doctors rip-off NHS

Families of war veterans "shut out" by Conservatives

BREXIT reality - Conservatives indulge Asians to cover trade losses

Royal family, BREXIT and the rest of us

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