Thursday, 1 June 2017

The Shocking Rudeness of Conservative Party Supporters

Political candidates are entitled to be ttreated with courtesy
Over the past three weeks or so we have been struck by the rudeness and ridiculous self-importance of some Conservative Party supporters in the way they address political candidates.

It is especially true when a left-of-centre candidate describes a policy priority - a succession of arrogant tories will immediately start shouting phrases that are becoming so commonplace that we wonder whether these people think for themselves at all.

Left-of-centre political candidates are entitled to be treated with a basic level of respect in the way they are spoken to and spoken about - we say those basic standatds of behaviour have been breached by many Conservative Party supporters.

Over and over again we have heard the same old robotic Conservative Party supporter chants: "Where is the money coming from ?"  "What is the exact figure ?  "You don't know the figures do you ?"  "Your just a dogsbody for the unions"

Armchair Tory Generals
Many of the tories making these remarks DO NOT give one hour of their time to the national government or local public service benefit in their ENTIRE LIVE$ but they feel free to address a political candidate as if they are criminal.

Left-of-centre political candidates DESERVE RESPECT, they are trying to offer themselves to public service for the benefit of the nation in the way that they feel is best. Arrogant Conservatives will simply keep filling their own troughs and say that it is in the national interest when it is only in their own interest. 

Please DO NOT VOTE CONSERVATIVE in the 8th June 2017 general election and in so doing HELP RESTORE RESPECT to genuine politicians who really do believe that their policies ARE in the best national interest - FOR THE MANY AND NOT THE FEW.

The "Them and Us" Justice System 

End the Conservative Price Bubble Economy - Return to genuine national interest

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