Wednesday, 28 June 2017

The British Rebirth Of Tax and Spend

Jeremy Corbyn - in touch with the people (mirror photo)
A British Social Attitudes survey reports that nearly half of voting Britons today think that public spending should be increased by raising taxes  The BBC lists the main survey findings (see link below): 
  • 48% say they want higher taxes to pay for more spending on health, education and social benefits; 44% say they want it to stay the same and 4% would like to see taxes cut 
  • It is the first time since the financial crash of 2007-8 that more people want more tax and spending than want it to stay the same 
The survey follows only weeks after left-wing Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn won a vote share of over 40% in the 2017 general election.  An election that will surely be remembered as one of the worst political misjudgements by the Conservative Party in living memory and just before they intend to use their "expertise" in the BREXIT negotiations - BREXIT has been described as the most important issue for half a century.

BBC report on growing public support for Tax and Spend policies

Corbyn surprises the mainstream media with 40% vote share

2017 Election - Tory MP Grant Shapps Blames Manifesto For Tory Losses

"World's worst manifesto" says Shapps (mirror photo)
Grant Shapps, the Tory MP for Welwyn Hatfield, has said Theresa May had the "world's worst manifesto" to fight the 2017 election. Later the same day Tory BREXIT minister David Davis joined in, BBC reports:   Brexit Secretary David Davis has blamed the Tories' general election losses on a "badly designed" campaign and Theresa May's social care "U-turn". Mr Davis helped persuade Mrs May to call a "snap election" to strengthen his hand in Brexit talks. But he now says the party did not have enough time to prepare "and some very significant mistakes were made". It comes after ex-Tory chairman Grant Shapps called the party's manifesto the "worst in the world".

Grant Shapps MP, former International Development Minister and a former Conservative Party co-chairman, resigned his co-chair role after an article by The Guardian revealed he had been previously warned about "Tatler Tory" Michael Clarke weeks before the suicide of tory activist Elliott Johnson.

BREXIT minister Davis helped write manifesto
It wasn't the manifesto that lost you seats Mr Shapps it was the success of Jeremy Corbyn in securing a vote share of over 40%  when everybody expected him to lose heavily.  The tory manifesto was written in the arrogant belief that Jeremy Corbyn had no chance at all - it stands out one of the greatest political misjudgements in recent political history.

The Washington Post described the BREXIT vote as the most important vote in half a century- the Conservative Party have displayed gross political incompetence in their "badly designed" 2017 election strategy and now they expect to "move on" to claim "expertise" in the BREXIT negotiations - unbelievable arrogance that the EU negotiators will, no doubt, exploit fully at OUR EXPENSE !   

Politics Home article on Grant Shapps MP and 2017 Manifesto

BREXIT minister David Davis adds his own condemnation of Theresa May's campaign manifesto

May's cabinet split over BREXIT

BREXIT vote is most important vote in 50 years ! (Washington Post)

Grant Shapps - his appointment of "Tatler Tory" Mark Clarke and the suicide of Tory activist Elliott Johnson

Final moments of suicide victim Elliott Johnson's life

Guardian article revealing Grant Shapp's knowledge before suicide of activist

Tories Are Two-Faced On Support For Military Families

Lee Rigby's family angry at lack of support (Guardian photo)
Many Tories, including our own MP Andrew Rosindell, spend a great deal of time talking about their support for the military, police and the "public service" of the Royal Family.  The reality of their "support" for ordinary soldiers is very different say the family of murdered soldier Lee Rigby. 

Lyn Rigby, the mother of murdered soldier Lee, said on the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire show “We never got the support, we were classed as a non-dependent family of Lee’s so we weren’t classed as Lee’s family,” She also said the main charities “didn’t want to know”.  Tories like Andrew Rosindell MP put great emphasis on the work of charities rather then the state.

Lyn Rigby said that the MoD had not only failed to support the family emotionally but financially as well, revealing that she sometimes skipped meals to ensure her partner and children could eat.

Manchester Evening News Report

Guardian Report

Simon Heffer writes on Andrew Rosindell MP and his many foreign trips (see half way into article under sub-heading "Our sun-seeking MPs"

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Recent London Borough of Havering Scandals

(photo from
The Havering Witness campaigns for a full criminal investigation into allegations of orchestrated criminality at Havering College of Further Education.  The Havering College scandal is, of course, not the only scandal involving the London Borough of Havering Conservative Party.

We have collected some press references on Havering scandals over recent years - you won't be surprised to learn that not one Conservative Party councillor appears to have been investigated.

The current MP for Romford Andrew Rosindell was himself a Havering councillor before becoming an MP, the Havering Witness is of the opinion that Mr Rosindell knows more about the Havering College scandal than he is prepared to tell.  Around the time of the Havering College scandal Mr Rosindell was an assistant to tory Vivian Bendall MP.

Here is a quick survey of reported Havering scandals:

Havering council fraudster repeats crime in another council !

Havering Police Officer guilty of fraud

Havering IT Contract Fraud Scandal

Havering's New Orchard Village Housing Estate - Sewage and Mould

Council forced to "buy back" flats in poorly built estate scandal

"Serious concern" as Orchard Village company gets further development projects !

Orchard Village on Wikipedia

Havering council staff involved in fraud scandal

Havering Housing Scams

Alarm over Havering Council pension fund "losses"

Havering Council "negligent" in icelandic bank investment

Money "wasted" on"quirky" street renaming plan

Bungled street work

HAVERING FORUM - Locals discuss Havering issues

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Romford Election 2017 - Labour Party Increase Vote Share By 11% !

Well Done Angelina ! We didn't think it possible.
Angelina Leatherbarrow, Labour Party candidate for Romford, has increased the Labour vote in Romford by 11 % !  A remarkable achievement by Angelina given that Romford has a reputation for being such a right-wing town represented by hard-right royalist MP Andrew Rosindell.  The local council, London Borough of Havering, also has six UKIP councillors - one of the largest UKIP council contingents in the entire UK.

You won't be surprised to read that no progress has ever been made by the local Havering Police Force on the crime and corruption allegations in Havering that we campaign to have properly investigated. 

Before the election everybody (yes, including the Havering Witness) was expecting Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party to lose vote share heavily especially in places like Romford  - how wrong we were to misjudge both Jeremy Corbyn and Romford's own Angelina Leatherbarrow - we can only apologise for underestimating you.

Well done Angelina Leatherbarrow - put your feet up and have a well-earned rest !  

The Havering Witness Campaign - Havering College and Orchestrated Crime For Closure Allegations 

Saturday, 17 June 2017

The ME / CFS Story - Havering was chosen for National ME Centre.

Prof. Leslie Findley, ME pioneer
The Daily Telegraph has chosen to draw attention to work done by scientists at the University of California on the "new" disease ME / CFS linking it to hibernation (!).  Followers of the ME / CFS story won't be surprised at yet another redefinition to the ME / CFS model. The "new" disease has had various names throughout its early development as it progessed into a mature medical movement:
  • Royal Free Disease - according to Black Medical Dictionary 38th Edition
  • Yuppie Flu - the 1980s gave the "new" disease impetus in seeking recognition
  • Social Change Flu - coined due to the psychological effects of huge economic and governmental change since the 1980s, moving away from the "yuppie" emphasis.
  • ME, the institutional formalisation of the "new" disease - an effort was made to increase the "importance" of the disease with the medical term Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME)
  •  "Relaunch" of ME as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) 
Dr Charles Shepherd, medical adviser to the National ME centre said in 2010 "..a key point [is], that we have renamed and redefined this illness from ME into what’s now called “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”, the term that the medical profession tends to use." 

 The Telegraph finds space for the ME / CFS "specialism"

ME / CFS carefully supported rather than scrutinised by the BBC

Anne Diamond on BBC Radio Berkshire Interviews ME / CFS Big Names

Havering gets National ME Centre - Why us ?

Is expenditure on ME / CFS justified in a NHS crisis ?

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Two Days Before The Murder of Jo Cox MP

New book written by her husband released
Today is two days ahead of exactly a year since Jo Cox MP was murdered on 16th June 2016 at around 1pm outside Birstall Library near Market Street, Birstall, West Yorkshire.  Jo Cox was about to meet constituents to listen to their concerns.  The killer, Thomas Alexander Mair, shot and stabbed Jo Cox as she walked to Birstall Library.  At 1.48 pm Jo Cox MP was pronounced dead.

Two days ahead of a year since the killing of Jo Cox MP.  What was the murderer Thomas Alexander Mair doing two days ahead of the murder of a democratically elected politician ?  According to The Independent newspaper report of the trial Mair spent the days before the murder reading about former Conservative MP's William Hague and Ian Gow.  Ian Gow MP was appointed Parliamentary Private Secretary to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in May 1979.

Ian Gow MP was the son of a doctor, he was educated at Winchester College, became an army officer and qualified as a solicitor. Gow became MP for Eastbourne in 1972 after the Eastbourne Conservatives deselected the sitting MP, Sir Charles Taylor, who had represented Eastbourne since 1935.  "Taylor did not take kindly to Gow" (wikipedia link to article Ian Gow MP, see below).  Thomas Alexander Mair was a gardener who is reported to have researched Nazi and Klu Klux Klan material - why was he interested in Gow ?

We wonder why a gardener, reported as "obsessed" with "extreme far-right organisations like the SS" should include the well-to-do Ian Gow MP in his reading just prior to committing the murder of Jo Cox MP ? Why did Mair include the Conservative Party in his extreme far-right interests ?  What precise reason did he have to believe that his interests in the SS, Klu Klux Klan and the Nazis should fit comfortably with former Conservative Party MP's William Hague and Ian Gow ? It is a question that none of the newspaper reports of the trial consider - we think it is a question of vital importance that needs to be answered in full.
Thomas Alexander Mair - The murderer of Jo Cox MP

Independent reports on Mair's activity prior to the murder

Wikipedia article on Ian Gow MP

Coincidental unrelated local events in Havering NOT connected to Thomas Alexander Mair

Andrew Rosindell MP campaigns for Ian Gow MP memorial 

Plaque to Gow unveiled in parliament  (April 2011)

Duncan-Smith forces "extremists" to quit Tory Club

Davd Cameron calls Rosindell's "maternity leave" comments "outrageous"

Saturday, 10 June 2017

What have -63, 11+ and Tory Leadership got in common?

Catastrophic political misjudgement  
Prime Minister Theresa May is guilty of one of the most serious cases of political misjudgment ever to have occured in modern political history. After months of keen tory press support for her getting a large majority in the election, the result saw a reduction of tory seats by 13.  Theresa May's team did not produce a "landslide" but a big step backwards struggling with minority government status and trying to make a deal with another party, the DUP, in order to stay in power. 

How can a revered Conservative Party leader like Theresa May and her team combined with her huge support in the British press get it so wrong ? The answer is simple - like all tories they are simply hugely over-rated and live in their own conceited priviledged world of self-congratulation with no effective criticism. British Royal Conservative society is as arrogant and over-rated as it ever was despite constant reassurances to the contrary - if Charles Dickens were alive today he would recognise their behaviour as if it was 1880.  We should not tolerate their stupidity and arrogance for one second longer - please NEVER vote Conservative !
  •  Why -63 ? Why would a leader call a snap election to "get a strong mandate for BREXIT" unless they believed they woud get at least, say, a strong majority of 50.  Theresa May actually reduced her seats by 13 ending with -13 in parliamentary numbers.  It should have been +50 (the papers said +100 !).  We think that Theresa May should get -63 for her political judgement exam - certainly worthy of being kicked out of her class and school entirely ! May is not in a position to tell us how our education system should work.  
  • Why 11+ ? Much of the criticism directed at Theresa May and her team by other tories concerns her advisors Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill and the parts of the manifesto they wrote.  Conservatives make much of their English language skills and Theresa May wanted to increase the number of grammar schools in her term as Prime Minister.  Given the reception that their manifesto received it seems that their communication skills are much much lower than claimed.  We say Theresa May, Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill  have ALL failed their "applied 11+ exam" and deserve to be stripped of their "better than you" 11+ educational status for the good of the nation.
 -63 and 11+ (withdrawn) are strange numbers indeed for people who claim a level of natural ability so far above everybody else.  The reality of their talents is the worst case of political misjudgement by a British Prime Minister in living memory.  These are the people who will determine your future if you let them - PLEASE never ever vote for the Conservative Party and give yourself the best chance of a secure and healthy future.

May's advisors resign to try and defuse party anger at election results

Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party win 40% vote share !

Please do not vote Conservative - here's why

Tories try to kill public services for their business friends

Friday, 9 June 2017

Corbyn's Labour Party Win Over 40% Of Voters !

40 % Vote Share - A Truly Historic Achievement
Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party has achieved a massive 40% vote share in the 2017 general election. Nobody gave him a chance, the press have ridiculed him for months and months, but once again he has fought off the intense vitriol directed at him and achieved a truly remarkable result.

A 40% vote share for a pro-nationalisation left-wing Labour leader that attracted such sustained hatred from the tory press barons is a historic achievement. For what its worth, the Havering Witness is deeply  impressed with Mr Corbyn's resilience and deep belief in his principles. 

Poor campaign, poor leader, future uncertain
In contrast, having endured weeks of big talk from the Conservative Party about "tory landslides" and "getting a big BREXIT mandate" for the "important job ahead" we have ended with a hung parliament.  Tory leader Theresa May needed the DUP to form a coalition government with a small overall majority.  The big-talking wealthy Conservative Party received a 42.4 % vote share - just 2.4% more than Jeremy Corbyn - a politician the Conservatives have spent years laughing at !

We have collected some vote share figures (see below) from previous general elections. Even Margaret Thatcher in her "golden years" only achieved 2 % more than Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party. As the figures below show Jeremy Corbyn has matched or beaten the winning vote share in the previous FOUR GENERAL ELECTIONS !

1979  Margaret Thatcher 43.9%
1983  Margaret Thatcher 42.4%
1987  Margaret Thatcher 42.2%
1992  John Major 41.9%
1997  Tony Blair 43.2%
2001  Tony Blair 40.7%
2005  Tony Blair 35.2%
2010  David Cameron 36.1%
2015  David Cameron 36.9%

 Vote share reference figures - UK political info

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Please help yourself by NOT voting for the Conservative Party !

Please don't help the British social elite by voting Conservative

On this election day we make a humble appeal to our readers - Please don't vote Conservative - ever !  Please only consider the interests of the ordinary British man, woman and child and NOT the social elites.

Voting Conservative is not a vote for the interests of real people it is only a vote for the interests of the British social elites - the Conservatives are only interested in themselves and their own welfare please DO NOT help them secure their own futures at your expense. BREXIT is not done in your interest, it is done in theirs !  The jobs of ordinary British people wil be hit hard while the city jobs of the elite will be protected.  A decline of 40% in non-financial sector trade is predicted due to BREXIT.  

Please do not vote Conservative, here are just a few reasons why: 

The designed decline in our public services

One rule for them, one rule for us

Price Bubbles - The Conservative Economic Vision

The disgusting decline of the NHS under the Conservatives

Tax is good, Hate is bad - remember Jo Cox MP

The reality of Conservative "Traditional Family Values"

Two tier respect in two tier BREXIT Britain

Asian doctors rip-off NHS

Families of war veterans "shut out" by Conservatives

BREXIT reality - Conservatives indulge Asians to cover trade losses

Royal family, BREXIT and the rest of us

Thursday, 1 June 2017

The Shocking Rudeness of Conservative Party Supporters

Political candidates are entitled to be ttreated with courtesy
Over the past three weeks or so we have been struck by the rudeness and ridiculous self-importance of some Conservative Party supporters in the way they address political candidates.

It is especially true when a left-of-centre candidate describes a policy priority - a succession of arrogant tories will immediately start shouting phrases that are becoming so commonplace that we wonder whether these people think for themselves at all.

Left-of-centre political candidates are entitled to be treated with a basic level of respect in the way they are spoken to and spoken about - we say those basic standatds of behaviour have been breached by many Conservative Party supporters.

Over and over again we have heard the same old robotic Conservative Party supporter chants: "Where is the money coming from ?"  "What is the exact figure ?  "You don't know the figures do you ?"  "Your just a dogsbody for the unions"

Armchair Tory Generals
Many of the tories making these remarks DO NOT give one hour of their time to the national government or local public service benefit in their ENTIRE LIVE$ but they feel free to address a political candidate as if they are criminal.

Left-of-centre political candidates DESERVE RESPECT, they are trying to offer themselves to public service for the benefit of the nation in the way that they feel is best. Arrogant Conservatives will simply keep filling their own troughs and say that it is in the national interest when it is only in their own interest. 

Please DO NOT VOTE CONSERVATIVE in the 8th June 2017 general election and in so doing HELP RESTORE RESPECT to genuine politicians who really do believe that their policies ARE in the best national interest - FOR THE MANY AND NOT THE FEW.

The "Them and Us" Justice System 

End the Conservative Price Bubble Economy - Return to genuine national interest