Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Well Done Chelsea FC, 2017 Premier League Champions

Chelsea 2017 Champions ! (daily mail)
The Havering Witness would like to congratulate Chelsea FC for winning the Premier League Championship for 2017.  Manager Antonio Conte's transformation of Chelsea back into an emphatic champion team is a truly outstanding achievement in such a fiercely competitive sport.  Well done to Chelsea FC, we send our warm congratulations to the club's owners and fans.

Here at the Havering Witness we have our own reasons for wishing Chelsea success. We believe that serious concerns about the death of former Chelsea vice chair Matthew Harding should be raised.  We believe that a high-level coordinated cover-up of a Conservative Party corruption scandal in the London Borough of Havering has taken place.  John Bauldie, a witness to the scandal, died alongside Matthew Harding in a helicopter crash.  Bauldie's partner Penny Garner also died a few years after John. Penny died in total despair at the denials of witnessed corruption over many years.      

 BBC report

Corruption allegations surrounding death of Matthew Harding

Conservative Establishment punishes father for school holiday but turns blind eye to machine gun in college

Allegations - original owners of college machine gun joined Romford Conservative Party

Eye-witness allegations intimidated into silence 

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