Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Our Town Is More Than An Essex Fort

Many supporters of Romford MP Andrew Rosindell will tell you they live in Essex - they are wrong !  Romford is in the London Borough of Havering and has been since 1965. 

Why do supporters of the Conservative Party always seek to deny London Borough status to Romford ?  We think the answer lies with monarchy and the Essex freemasons - the Provincial Grand Lodge of Essex. It is they, we believe, that generate the hatred of London and its internationalism and seek to restrict the town of Romford to a front-line fort of Essex protecting "Essex Man" out in his special domain.

Tory Essex Man Should Protect Himself We Aren't Going To (BBC)
Why on earth should we the people of Romford spend our time protecting "Essex Man" from the modern international influences of London ?

BREXIT Tories like Andrew Rosindell MP have now denied us the opportunities of European Union in addition to the strict control of Romford as an outpost of Essex. We say they want the people of Romford to live a life of hate in order to protect the interests of the Conservative Party and its wealthy influences who make sure they stay out of the limelight.

Don't let wealthy Essex Tories use you and your family ! Don't let them ruin your life !

Don't let monarchist and freemason Andrew Rosindell MP restrict your opportunities with his archaic views, the people of Romford are as entitled to engage with the modern world as anybody else. 

London Borough of Havering created in 1965 (Wikipedia)

Essex Man (wikipedia)

Essex Girl (wikipedia)

The "Essex Fort" of Romford - Above the law ? 

Vote against Hate 

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