Saturday, 6 May 2017

Its A Labour Loss NOT A Conservative Win

MILLIONS OF VOTERS DESERT UKIP and return to the Tories in 2017 LOCAL elections with the 2017 General Election only weeks away !
At 38% Theresa May would NOT have beaten Tony Blair
The Conservative Party are still celebrating the results of the 2017 local elections with 38% of the vote BUT, we say, the election was lost by Labour NOT won by the Conservatives.    The key to tory "success" is that the Conservatives managed to get back large numbers of UKIP voters following the BREXIT referendum - they see UKIP as yesterday's politics.   UKIP councillors were completely wiped out in the worst ever party performance in British political history ! 

The mass desertion of UKIP voters to the Conservatives produced the big numbers but the real underlying politics of this election lies with the Labour Party and its leadership.  Have a look at the national share of vote between Labour and Conservative going back to 1997:

YEAR                  LABOUR                   CONSERVATIVE
1997                    43.2% Blair                30.7%
2001                    40.7% Blair                31.7%
2005                    35.2% Blair                32.4%
2010                    29%    Brown             36.1%
2015                    30.4% Miliband         36.9%
2017 (local)         27%   Corbyn            38%

These figures clearly show that the fall of the Labour share from 43% is significantly greater than the increase in the Conservative vote share to only 38%.  What does this mean ? It means that far from a huge stand-alone endorsement of Theresa May and the Conservatives we have a huge desertion of UKIP combined with a lacklustre Labour leadership NOT attracting them - the BREXIT voters say they had nowhere else to go but tory !  

The Conservative Party may be celebrating in their wine bars but 38% is NOT the huge success they claim it to be. 

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