Wednesday, 10 May 2017

End The Tory Price Bubble Economy

The Tory Price Bubble Economy 
Having lived in Romford all our lives we have heard Essex White Van Man supporters of Andrew Rosindell MP frequently say "we charge what the mugs will pay, it's their fault if they are stupid enough to get overcharged".  When a price has no connection to the costs of material, skills and task times it becomes EXTORTION and that is an ECONOMIC CRIME !

A self-employed "worker" DOES NOT live in a different national economy to the average employee.  Prices should not be set to target a lack of consuner knowledge but to reflect the costs of the inputs in a properly functioning economy. People want consistent and coherent prices across the economy.

Ordinary people want an end to the TORY PRICE BUBBLE ECONOMY created by the rich for their own purposes.  Why should YOU PAY more for basics like food and power because of the INFLATIONARY PRESSURES caused by the designed PRICE BUBBLES generated by the huge wealth of the few and not the many.  Price manipulation is an economic crime whether driven by a lack of consumer knowledge on the doorstep or by the tactical purchases of the rich artificially driving up prices in the property markets.

The price of everything and anything should be CONSISTENT with the underlying REAL prices of the material, skills and time used.  END THE TORY PRICE BUBBLE ECONOMY by voting to get rid of TORY Andrew Rosindell MP in the 2017 general election on 8th June.

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