Friday, 7 April 2017

Royalist Hypocrisy ! Machine Gun Exonerated While Holidays Punished !

Jon Platt Punished For Family Holiday (Telegraph photo)

Father Jon Platt punished by the Crown for holiday in term-time but NO ACTION has been taken on a machine-gun fired in a college ! SHOCKING and ARROGANT INJUSTICE ! 

Firing A Machine Gun Is Above the Law ??!! (ebay photo)

The TORIES are only too keen to allow punishment of others whilst their own criminal conduct remains above the law - ordinary people suffer yet again !

BBC: "Jon Platt lost his legal challenge against a fine for taking his daughter out of primary school on an unauthorised holiday during term time. The Supreme Court ruled against Jon Platt, who had won earlier legal battles against a £120 fine in a case brought by the Isle of Wight council. Mr Platt said the decision, over a trip to Florida, meant the "state was taking the rights away from parents".But Prime Minister Theresa May said it was for schools to decide on absences.  The decision makes clear that parents in England can be fined if their children miss school without the agreement of the head teacher".

Here in Havering, the local Conservative Party have NEVER BEEN HELD TO ACCOUNT for numerous witness accounts of severe public safety and criminal issues involving firearms, youth offenders, the misuse of police and security powers, and other illegal activity in attempted "fixes" in "politically hostile" schools and colleges in Havering. In ABOVE-THE-LAW HAVERING a machine gun can be sold and fired in a college with hundreds of students, staff and members of the public passing-by WITHOUT ANY CONSEQUENCE AT ALL !

The Telegraph report of Jon Platt's Punishment

Unaccountable Criminal and Public Safety issues in Tory Havering

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