Wednesday, 5 April 2017

The Wilson Enlightenment and the Thatcherite Orthodoxy

The Wilson Enlightenment 

Harold Wilson led an Enlightenment (newstatesman)
Harold Wilson's  Labour Govermenr of the 1960s and 1970s should be considered worthy of the weighty historical title of a true modern Enlightenment. The word Enlightenment has been highly restricted in use by conservative historians who seek to restrict social evolution implicitly by controlling vocabulary. So we the public associate the word Enlightenment as something above us that happened in the past, we are further told that the lessons have already been learnt - we say that is a lie to protect the British Establishment and its public relations wings of the monarchy and the Conservative Party.

Harold Wilson was bitterly opposed by the British Establishment in everything he did. article (see link below):  "Prime Minister Harold Wilson enacted social reforms in education, health, housing, gender equality, price controls, pensions, provisions for disabled people and child poverty...As Prime Minister from 1964 to 1970, his main plan was to modernise. He believed that he would be aided by the “white heat of the technological revolution”. His government supported backbench MPs in liberalising laws on censorship, divorce, abortion, and homosexuality, and he abolished capital punishment. Crucial steps were taken towards stopping discrimination against women and ethnic minorities, and Wilson’s government also created the Open University."

We say that the national leadership of Harold Wilson was a TRUE ENLIGHTENMENT fully deserving of national recognition in the history of our nation

The Thatcherite Orthodoxy

Orthodoxy dressed up as a "new age" (bbc)
It is the convention of the Conservative Party and the heavily biased right-wing press to present the Thatcher years as a "new age" for Britain - but nothing could be further from the truth. We say that  Margaret Thatcher was the most orthodox of modern Conservative Party leaders.  Why do we say that ? The vast majority of human history has occured in feudal societies based on blood and wealth, their modern equivalents of business barons, the super-rich, the professions, the freemasons and "entrepreneurs"all seek to exert similar all-powerful influence on every aspect of our lives - they are the modern feudal corporate system who do not want any limits placed on their power just like feudal lords of centuries past.

Margaret Thatcher and her frenzied supporters DESTROYED the wishes of  post-war 1950s Britain and its passionate yearning for better social conditions after the suffering of two world wars. For British people to have ANY social support whether in employment, health, education, pensions, or housing was a rare and precious acheivement that had to be FOUGHT hard for by post-war Labour governments.  Margaret Thatcher simply DESTROYED PROGRESS and returned Britain to its ORTHODOXY of a modern feudal structire dominated by wealth and blood.

We say the Thatcher years were a return to the ORTHODOXY of private capital and not worthy of the press-label of a "new age".  

(BREXIT is a further measure by the British Establishment to insulate THIER interests from the decisions of others.  We have heard little from the biased press but the evils of immigration, what they don't tell you is that BREXIT will rely heavily on immigration and trade deals with India, China, the Middle East, Africa and South America - why are these places better than Europe ?) 

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