Saturday, 1 April 2017

Save Romford From The Baron Rumfordersberg !

Some feel embarrased by Rosindell (clipartfx)
In the 2015 general election the ROMFORD constituency cast over 24,000 votes AGAINST Conservative Party candidate Andrew Rosindell MP and his style of JINGOISTIC politics.  Many people in Romford want a different kind of MP - one who responds to constituents concerns, has a wider background experience than just politics and whose knowledge extends over the full range of government responsibility.

Mr Rosindell appears to many Romford voters to be obsessed with JINGOISTIC ranting about the Royal family, flags and foreign policy and some are EMBARRASED by it.  

Why does our town of Romford have to be inflicted with this kind of MP ? Why do we have to look so extreme ? It isn't helping the future of our town to have such an MP !

Why is Romford inflicted with jingoism ? Local political observers believe the answer lies deep in another part of the London Broough of Havering - UPMINSTER and its masonic lodges and golf club. Upminster has a much higher number of masonic lodges than Romford. Upminster lodges are part of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Essex and are believed by many observers to be very royalist and jingoistic themselves. The Essex masons are thought to be ultimately reponsible for the internal political pressures within the Conservative Party and its support networks that resulted in the extreme jingoism we are now cursed with.

On the parliament web-site today Andrew Rosindell MP lists his interests as Foreign and international relations, European affairs, law and order, defence, local and regional government, animal welfare and has sought election to the Foreign Affairs Committee and Sub-Committee since 2010.  Rosindell makes no mention of the NHS crisis, growing education inequalities, pensions, the housing crisis or any of the main political debates we read about everyday - the people of Romford want their concerns listened to not drowned out with last-night-of-the-proms jingoism !

We think you are embarrassing our town Mr Rosindell please go away !

Andrew Rosindell MP tells China off

Andrew Rosindell MP tells Australia off

Andrew Rosindell MP tells Spain off 

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